Representative of Wang Gang: Promote the governance of rural domestic sewage to help rural revitalization

Original title: Representative of Wang Gang: Promoting rural sewage treatment to help rural revitalization of government work reports clearly proposed to start the construction of rural construction, strengthen infrastructure construction such as hydropower and mail, and promote the treatment of rural toilet reform and sewage waste according to local conditions. Wang Gang, deputy director of the National People’s Congress, Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Membrane Materials and Membrane Applications, and Chairman of Gansu Langgan Environmental Science Research Co., Ltd., said: "In the blueprint for promoting rural revitalization, there are a lot of articles in rural sewage management.

"Rural sewage treatment is a systematic project, including two aspects: infrastructure construction and later operation and maintenance, and the key to effective governance in rural sewage is to operate and maintain later. In the problem of difficult ‘, some rural sewage treatment projects have problems that cannot be guaranteed by equipment renewal and maintenance, personnel wages, electricity bills, etc., and often make the built sewage control facilities do not play its due utility. "In order to ensure the long -term stable operation of sewage treatment facilities, Wang Gang believes that the state should establish a system of rural domestic sewage operation and maintenance system, set up special management funds, clarify the responsibility of the management subject, and let this people’s livelihood project truly bring environmental benefits.

Wang Gang said that in recent years, the country’s investment in rural sewage management has gradually increased, but the governance has been relatively decentralized and the effectiveness of governance has not outstanding results, resulting in the low degree of promotion of governance experience.

"It is recommended that the state formulate guidance for rural domestic sewage treatment planning planning, adopt the principle of ‘approaching and far away, first, then difficult, first focus, first focus, and generally’ general ‘to determine the demonstration area of ??rural domestic sewage treatment For key areas such as villages around the water, villages around the city, new rural demonstration sites, and densely populated villages and towns, they have gradually been promoted to various places to make the demonstration projects fully leading the leading effect. "Wang Gang said.

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