Representative of Sun Kailin: Make up the long -term mechanism of the shortcomings of rural infrastructure management

The representative of the National People’s Congress and the party secretary of the party committee of the Yaozhihe Village of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, the interviewee of the party committee of the Yaozhihe Village of Xiangyang City, the interviewee of the party committee of the party committee of the Yaozhihe Village of Xiangyang City provided the "Three -Year Action Plan for Rural Human Resources Environmental Reform" in 2018. The steps are promoted to key tasks such as "governance of rural domestic sewage". On the occasion of the "three -year rectification operation", the Central Document No. 1 in 2021 proposed that "the Implementation of the Rural Human Resources Environment Reform and Improvement of Five Years" was proposed.

With the full coverage of various infrastructure of rural administrative villages, some public facilities have gradually fallen into the dilemma of "some people invest, some use, and unmanned control".

Sun Kailin, a representative of the National People’s Congress and secretary of the Party Committee of Yaozhihe Village, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, suggested that rural infrastructure must adhere to the "construction and management", establish a long -term management mechanism, and go to "usually manages, break, and update can be capable. "The benign track, maximize its use efficiency to ensure the long -term benefit of rural residents.

"I grew up in the countryside, worked in the countryside, and put the concern of the grassroots people in my heart, and actively spoke for the masses." As a representative of the National People’s Congress from the countryside, Sun Kailin combined with rural reality and followed the follow -up management of rural infrastructure. In -depth investigations and research, the minds are the masses, for the masses, and serving the masses. Sun Kailin found that most rural infrastructure construction in the country currently has projects and funds, but long -term maintenance and management of some facilities not only lack funds, but also have no effective mechanism. Everyone has the right to use, but no one fulfills the obligation of supervision and management, and does not pay attention to the use efficiency and management efficiency after infrastructure investment, which leads to a large investment in rural infrastructure, but the satisfaction rate of the masses is not very high. "Rural infrastructure management should have a long -term mechanism.

"Sun Kailin said that the management of rural infrastructure should be clear, rationalized, clarified property rights, clear management and management responsibilities, implemented a responsibility system and accountability system, and established a variety of rural infrastructure management systems and operation methods, especially the operation of rural infrastructure and protection, especially for, especially for it For new projects that are under construction or are about to build, the principle of "who invests, who has property rights and income rights" is adhered to at the beginning of construction. According to different types of infrastructure The performance evaluation standards that are equal to quality, on the one hand, incorporate rural infrastructure management into the evaluation system, on the other hand, establish a public participation mechanism in government performance evaluation, set up public satisfaction indicators in the evaluation indicators, and allow farmers to participate in the evaluation.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and education, use the enthusiasm and initiative of farmers to participate in rural public affairs, and encourage farmers to establish self -service cooperation organizations.

Strengthen supervision and assessment, and incorporate the management and protection of rural public infrastructure into the evaluation of the performance of local rural rejuvenation.

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