Jixian: Mobilize all parties to build an epidemic to prevent and control a strong line of prevention and control

The county -level leader took the lead in sinking and solved the problem on the "epidemic" line. Give full play to the key role of the "key minority", all the leaders of the 26 epidemic prevention and control work teams in the county are led by the county party and government team, which is responsible for command scheduling and coordinated the county’s epidemic prevention and control work.

Strict implementation of the leadership leader and leadership system, county -level leaders took the lead in reporting to the prevention and control traffic testing stations such as Xiaofu, Hugukou High -speed Express, etc., and coordinated frontline commands, on -site classes on the spot, timely solving problems, and follow -up inspection stations for the prevention and control measures of each testing station. The situation, strengthen the "first stop" epidemic prevention and control work, and resolutely do not leak a car or one person.

Party members and cadres took the lead to play the role on the "epidemic" line. Carry out special actions of "Concentric and Gathering" Epidemic ‘· Efforts to coordinate the co -governance ", promote 7 township management and control work classes to set up temporary party committees (first -level grids), and set up village (community) general party branch (second -level grid grid ) 73, 102 temporary party branches (third -level grids), 469 and 1,262 five -level microcontrollers in the Grade Temporary Party Group (IV Grid), party members and cadres of 2,186 institutions and enterprises and institutions in the county, 98 cadres in Baocun, 224 first secretary and resident team members, 420 villages "two committees" cadres, 345 villagers group leaders lead the head of Baogang, Baogou alley, bag card point, and key monitoring objects. 789 party members’ "responsibility zones", 1159 pioneers of party members "pioneers", and 67 party members "assault teams", promoting party members to clear their identities, joint households, rotation of rotation, and schedule. Enthusiastic people are actively participating and passing love on the "epidemic" line.

In order to comprehensively strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and ease the pressure of the village (community) epidemic prevention work, Jixian gives full play to the advantages of the party organization’s closely serving the masses, and continuously mobilize the consciousness and enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Residence) The people issued a volunteer "recruitment order". More than 600 enthusiastic people in the county responded actively and actively participated in the village (community) "knocking operation", nucleic acid testing, policy promotion, volunteer service and other work, and linking the village (community) to carry The banner of responsibility for serving the people, forming a good situation of everyone’s conscious participation and everyone’s responsibility, and effectively building the people’s defense line with joint control and group control.

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