The total assets of state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou reached 5.5 trillion yuan

Original title: The total assets of state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou reached a trillion yuan on October 29, 2021. Guangzhou Industrial Control officially signed a contract to acquire Runbang Co., Ltd., which will promote the improvement of Guangzhou’s sea industry equipment industry chain and strengthen Guangzhou marine industry.

(Figures of the interviewees) Six groups of 8 enterprises reorganized, and the total assets of state -owned enterprises were ranked first in deputy provincial cities … The three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform has entered the final year, and the reform of the state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou is steady.

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission that the overall completion rate of the three -year operation task of Guangzhou State -owned Enterprise Reform exceeds 90%, and the annual tasks stipulated by the state and provincial are completed in advance.

"Reform has promoted the continuous enhancement of competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and anti -risk ability of the state -owned economy.

Cui Yanlun, a member of the Party Committee, Deputy Director, and Spokesman of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou. Since the implementation of the three -year action implementation plan for the industrial to help the three -year action of state -owned enterprise reform, Guangzhou state -owned enterprises have been reorganized, mergers and acquisitions, and capital operations. , Biomedical and Health, Equipment Manufacturing, Electronic Information and other key areas gathering. At present, 50%of state -owned assets have gathered in these key areas.

  "In 2021, we are non -stop and continue to incorporate more high -quality resources into His Majesty.

In the field of rail transit, lead the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Rail Transit Industry Investment Group, acquire Dinghan technology, focus on creating the entire industry chain of the rail transit, and obtain a breakthrough in the core parts of rail transit vehicles; The scale of Guangzhou’s new energy equipment and sea industry equipment industry has been strengthened; in the field of automobile parts, the largest domestic automotive line industry leader Tianhai Electronics has been acquired, and the supply chain system of mainstream new energy vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Weilai ; In the field of household power compressor, the Foshan Tongbao temperature controller business is acquired, helping the group’s home appliances and compressor business strong chains. Zhou Qianding, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangzhou Industry Control Group, said.

  Guangzhou Industrial Control Group, one of the representatives of strategic reorganization and professional integration, is reorganized by Guangsteel Group, Monbo Group, Wanli Group, and Guangzhi Group. Before the reorganization, 70%of the enterprises were in a loss state. Through the means of reform, innovation, resource integration, and management improvement in recent years, 82%of enterprises are already profitable. Over the past two years, the group’s operating income, total profit, and total industrial output value have maintained double -digit growth.

This year, this "industrial aircraft carrier" will impact the Fortune 500 and continue to build a leading company in advanced manufacturing. In order to accelerate the development of Guangzhou’s forward -looking, strategic emerging industries and pillar industries, and promote the industrial extension chain, supplementary chain, strong chain, and expansion chain, Guangzhou reorganized the establishment of Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. at the end of last year. This is the first company in Guangzhou State -owned capital investment and operation companies have become one of the "highlights" of the reform of state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou. As soon as the group was established, the action was frequent: strategic shares of the Pearl River piano became its second largest shareholder; participating in the non -public distribution of the Pearl River Beer, after the transfer was completed, the Zhujiang Beer%equity was directly held … Previously, the Guangzhou Industry Investment Group passed the pass The capital market has become an important shareholder of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, Guangyao Baiyunshan, Lingnan Holdings and many other state -owned listed companies in Guangzhou. "In 2022, Guangzhou Industry Investment Group strives to achieve annual operating income growth of%, with total profit doubles, investment of 10 billion yuan, and state -owned asset preservation and value -added rates remain more than 110%." It is said that it will strive to promote the activation of the state -owned and state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou, expand increment, superimposed energy, and improve quality.

  Stimulating vitality to improve the consumer energy level focusing on the reform of the system is also the highlight of Guangzhou state -owned enterprise reform.

Last month, Guangzhou Light Industry Group held the appointment ceremony of the general legal consultant of key second -level enterprises. Six key sub -enterprises completed the general legal adviser’s equipment. This reflects the new leap of the old state -owned enterprise towards modern enterprises. At this point, Guangzhou Light Industry The risk prevention model of financial, auditing, disciplinary inspection, and law has been gradually formed, and the full coverage of priority, during and after -to -post supervision has been achieved.

In this process, it has received much attention. In 2021, Guangzhou Light Industry has completed the full coverage of the term system and contract management of the secondary corporate manager, and the implementation of the management of the manager level and contractualization of the third -level and below enterprises in the company has Management. "Talent is the ‘key variable’ of career development and is also ‘the maximum increase’.

"Zeng Luxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guangzhou Light Industry Group, believes that to turn the group’s grand blueprint step by step into reality, the key is to hold the talent" cattle nose ". It is understood that during the" 14th Five -Year Plan "period, Guangzhou Light Industry period It will challenge the target of 100 billion scale, strive to build 3 to 5 national and even international well -known brands, build 3 to 5 listed companies, and 2 to 5 billion -level companies. Guangzhou state -owned enterprise reform has also been recognized by multiple capital capitals. . Not long ago, Guangbai issued shares and paid cash to buy 100%equity of Guangzhou Friendship and raised supporting funds projects to end perfectly, raising 700 million yuan of supporting financing in full. Fund 100 million yuan, Guangzhou Communications Fund 100 million yuan, Guangzhou Metro Group 100 million yuan, Southern Fund 27 million yuan, Shanghai Platinum Gentlemen Investment 25 million yuan, UBSAG 23 million yuan.

Together with Guangbai’s acquisition of Guangzhou friendship, when the friendship of Guangzhou, China Bank of China Investment, China Banking Investment, China Construction Investment, and Guangshang Fund’s value of 100 million yuan, this asset reorganization capital operation project directly financing 100 million yuan through the capital market. The reporter learned that after the completion of the major asset reorganization and supporting financing projects, Guangbai’s total share capital increased significantly from 100 million yuan to 100 million yuan, which greatly enhanced the capital strength of Guangbai shares, realized the "secondary mixed reform" and optimized the optimization The structure of the shareholders.

This is also the first successful implementation of the capital market fundraising project after the establishment of Lingnan Commercial Travel Group, which is of great significance to the construction of Guangzhou Commercial Control and Lingnan Group and accelerate the construction of the city’s international consumer center city.

  The "upgraded version" of the development of the state -owned economy has strived to add 2 to 4 new listed companies this year. "Reform has promoted the state -owned economy to continuously enhance competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and anti -risk ability." Cui Yanlun said. According to data from the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou, in 2021, the main economic indicators of Guangzhou state -owned enterprises reached a record high, and the revenue was the first time that the city’s state -owned enterprise assets have jumped from 4 trillion yuan in the previous year to trillion yuan, which continues It ranks first in deputy provincial cities, and the high -quality development of state -owned assets has achieved a new leap. Recently, the list of "Double Hundred Enterprises" announced by the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council was successfully selected by Guangzhou Trading Group, which was successfully selected by Guangzhou Trading Group, which was established by Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center and Guangzhou Exchange Group, the largest public resource transaction group. "Increased to 6. The two Fortune 500 worldwide and Guangzhou Building were added, and a total of three municipal enterprises in GAC Group entered the top 500 in the world.

  According to reports, this year, the Guangzhou SASAC continued to build the "upgraded version" of the state -owned economic development.

Cui Yanlun said that next, Guangzhou state -owned enterprises will promote the reinforcement of party building, deepen reform, innovate reinstatement, investment re -increase, industrial upgrading, development and efficiency, and comprehensively complete the three -year operation task of state -owned enterprise reform. Opinions to promote the high -quality development of state -owned enterprises in Guangzhou ". The construction of the "1+5+X" Guangzhou State -owned Modern Industrial Park will be accelerated, a number of chain -main enterprises will be cultivated, and a number of strong foundations, functions, and long -term infrastructure projects will be promoted.

Implement the three -year operation plan of capital operation, and strive to add 2 to 4 new listed companies and complete the "secondary transformation" of listed companies. Promoting the progress of digital transformation has made breakthrough progress to ensure that industrial enterprises have intensity of more than 3%, and the output value of high -tech products accounts for more than 65%. Do new and old names; build a high -quality development assessment and evaluation system; improve the coordinated and efficient supervision mechanism. (Reporter Lin Xiaoli) (Responsible editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yuzhu) Share more people see it.

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