Schools and enterprises join hands with customized training skills. Chongqing plans to carry out 20,000 new apprenticeship systems this year Chongqing Client at 20:15 on April 29th (Wu Qian) is the training model for innovative enterprise skills talents to accelerate the training of enterprise skills. Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "school -enterprise" joined hands to hold a class "new apprenticeship" training class and worshiping ceremony of the enterprise, and strives to jointly cultivate skill talents. Photo by the signing ceremony, Wang Xiaohong reported that the Chongqing Wuyi Technician College, as the first batch of pilot construction units in the country’s vocational training institute, gives full play to the advantages of school -enterprise cooperation, skill competition, vocational training, etc. In other industries, more than 100,000 talents have been cultivated. "I hope to follow the master ‘to learn more work skills with the master and improve her ability." The student Shu Xiaochao said that her master Wang Jinsong has 22 years of work experience and teach her professional car flushing parts to teach her professional car welding parts. Skill. At the opening ceremony of Wang Xiaohong at the event site, both the school and the enterprise issued a letter of appointment to the corporate mentor representatives and signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement clarifies the unique "recruitment of students, enrollment, entering the school, and the joint training of enterprises" for the new apprenticeship system of enterprises. Photo by Wang Xiaohong Wang Xiaohong, "This training mainly adopts the training model of ‘enterprise school cooperation and engineering alternation’. The school takes apprentices and enterprises adopt the training method of integration of engineering through mentors to jointly train apprentices.

"Li Weimin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing Wuyi Technician College, introduced that this training course is not only a positive response to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs on the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs to comprehensively promote the new apprenticeship of Chinese characteristics and strengthen the training of skill talents. The impact of the level.

In the future cooperation, the two parties will continue to innovate, complement each other, cooperate together, and cultivate more high -quality skill talents.

Since 2019, the city has fully launched a new type of apprenticeship training in the city and benefited more than 2,600 companies. Especially since last year, the city has organized large and medium -sized enterprises such as Changan Automobile, Southwest Aluminum, Haier Water Heater and Electronic Engineering Vocational College, Wuyi Technician College, Industry and Trade Technician College and other universities. Managers participated in the pilot of international cooperation and accepted international advanced concepts and curriculum tools. In 2022, the city plans to carry out 20,000 new apprenticeship system.

"After conducting apprenticeship training, if you obtain professional skills level certificates, national vocational qualification certificates or special occupational ability certificates, training qualification certificates, in principle, training subsidies will be given For senior and above vocational skills level certificates (or national vocational qualification certificate), it can be implemented in accordance with the standard of 6,000 yuan per person per year.

Next, our city will connect with the "6+5" modern industrial system and 33 key industrial chains to further increase the training of new apprenticeships for enterprises. Photo Wang Xiaohong’s dear user, the "Chongqing" client has now officially revised and upgraded to the "New Chongqing" client. In order not to affect subsequent use, scan the QR code above and download the new version in time.

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