Behind the scene of "War": Data from flow information

  Whenever the epidemic appears, the most concerned on the public account and Weibo is the activity trajectory of confirmed cases.

The schedule, memory supplement, personnel cross, and information of the information are presented in an orderly manner. Everyone watched the activity trajectory of confirmed cases in each comments. According to Wang Ying, the team leader of the Liujie Center of Songbei District, Harbin City, "What everyone sees is only a small part of the flow work.

In addition to the activity trajectory of confirmed cases, the flowers also need to count all the trajectories of the dense personnel within the specified period of time, which is the same as the flow method of the diagnosis case.

From morning to night, "scene reproduction" is accurate to every minute and every second.

In the place where the secrets have appeared, the flowers also need to complete the environmental elimination table, sampling statistical table, and the relevant information forms of sub -dense personnel.

All information statistics of a close contact will take at least ten hours to complete.

If the schedule is complicated, the contact personnel, the venue of the activity, or the unsuitable situation will take a longer time.


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