State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Power Development Route Equipment Operation and Maintenance Preparing for Peak Summer

  "East suburbs become 511 Donghuang line equipment special patrol and normal temperature measurement.

"On May 25, after the inspection of the operation inspection staff of the State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Company, the line equipment was fed back in time to the work group of the team.

This is a microcosm of the company’s actively strengthening line equipment operation and maintenance to ensure the reliable supply of electricity. During the large -load operation of the power grid, fully prepares the peak summer.

  In order to make a good preparation for safety production in the summer, State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Company prepared and arranged early to find weak links, improve operation and maintenance solutions, strengthen the operation and monitoring of power grid Essence

  The focus is on the hidden danger lines that fail to cause failure in high temperature and heat. Perform regular load tests for equipment with high load load in the urban area, carefully observe the changes in the load to avoid accident failures, and the accident will prevent the accident in the bud state as soon as possible.

For the branch box of the urban network line, ring network cabinet, open and closing, the power distribution room for summer high temperature weather inspection and inspection work, carry out equipment infrared temperature testing work, measure the temperature of the equipment through real -time measurement, and check the equipment with heat defects. Report it in time.

  At the same time, the fault air conditioning is maintained in time to ensure that the power equipment will not affect the normal operation due to the "fever". Equipment is safe and stable.

Prepare all kinds of emergency supplies, make comprehensive preparations for emergency facilities before the summer, and actively cooperate with the duty rooms and emergency repair teams to do the necessary emergency emergency protection work to ensure a zero accidents.

  In the next step, the State Grid Shizuishan Power Supply Company will continue to strengthen the special tour and maintenance work of the switching station equipment, pay close attention to the changes in the weather conditions and operating loads. In response to the full load operation of the equipment and the weather such as high temperature, humidity, thunderstorms and other weather in summer. Work, "diagnose" equipment health in advance, investigate hidden dangers, and report it in time to lay a solid foundation for the safety and reliability of the summer. Editor in charge: Jiang Xuecheng.

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