Nigerian military: kill at least 120 militants

Xinhua News Agency, Aquera, March 10 (Reporter Xu Zheng Guo Jun) Abuja News: The Nigerian military said on the 10th that the Nigerian military launched a clean -up operation in the northern region of the country in the past two weeks, killing at least 121 peopleMilitants.Spokesperson Bernard Ouges told the media on the same day that in the past two weeks, the Nigerian military launched a clean -up operation for the extreme organization "Boco Holy Land" and "Islamic State West Africa Province".

The military also collected a large number of weapons and equipment during the operation.For more than ten years since the establishment of the "Holy Land", it has frequently launched violent terrorist attacks in Nigeria and its neighbors.In 2015, the "Boko Holy Land" claimed to be loyal to the extreme organization "Islamic State" and lived with "Islamic State West Africa Province".Later, due to internal disputes, some personnel were separated from the "Islamic State West Africa province" and restored the name of the "Boke Holy Land".

Recently, armed attacks in central and northern Nigeria have frequently caused a large number of personnel casualties or abducted.

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