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The construction of comprehensive governance centers at all levels across the country has achieved significant improvement of grass-roots social governance work upgrade. Release time: 2022-05-2618: 41 Thursday. The construction rate of the provincial comprehensive governance center reached 100%, and the construction rate of the three levels of cities, counties, and towns reached more than 90%.

The statistics of this group of data as of December 2021 are the construction progress chart of the construction of a solid building in Ping An China.

The "Regulations on the Political and Law of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") clearly states: "Provincial, city, county, townships (streets) comprehensive social security governance centers are important working platforms for integrating social governance resources and innovative social governance methods." In recent years In the coming, the regulations conscientiously implement the "Regulations", with the goal of standardizing and standardized construction, solidly promote the construction of comprehensive governance centers at all levels, and the construction of Ping An China Construction and Comprehensive Promotion, and the continuous enhancement of social security prevention and control capabilities. The effectiveness of grass -roots social governance has been significantly improved, and the security and satisfaction of the people have improved significantly. Focusing on the initial construction of the physical fifth -level system, there are radar optoelectronics on the coastline and the Hainan social management information platform. In the community, there are group defense forces such as mesh staff and "zero patrol team" and "sanitation aunt" … Incorporate the work of grassroots social governance? The construction of the comprehensive governance center of Haikou City, Hainan Province gave the answer.

"We set up the" electronic fence "at the wall of the community to fully integrate various social prevention and control resources, and play an important role in combating illegal crimes and serving the mass production and life." Chen Jianhui, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Meilan District Party Committee It is said that with the in -depth application of various types of data information collection and analysis, the social security prevention and control capabilities in the jurisdiction have been greatly improved. The reporter of the Rule of Law Daily learned that in response to problems such as insufficient grassroots levels, insufficient power integration at the grassroots level, and insufficient cooperation between functional departments, Hainan Province accelerated the full coverage of the comprehensive governance center.

Up to now, the province has listed 2,838 5 -level comprehensive governance centers of provinces, cities, counties, towns (streets), and village (community), which has played an important role in integrating social governance resources and innovative social governance methods. In recent years, the "Code for the Construction and Management of Comprehensive Governance Center of Social Security and Security", "Specifications for the Basic Data Specifications of Comprehensive Governance of Social Security", and "Specifications for the Management Specifications for Urban and Rural Community Grid Service" have been promulgated and implemented one after another to strengthen the five levels of comprehensive governance for the country The central construction and standardized comprehensive governance centers provide specific guidelines and clear standards.

All localities have planned the construction of the comprehensive governance center as the basic engineering plan for innovative social governance and deepening safety construction. It focuses on the requirements of "preparation, place, and funding". Construction funds are included in the local fiscal budget, and provided necessary places and supporting facilities for the comprehensive governance center in accordance with national standards.

Fujian formulated the "Guiding Opinions of the Standardized Construction of the Comprehensive Governance Center", coordinated the provincial -level editorial office coordinating and solving the establishment of the comprehensive governance center institution, and the provincial comprehensive governance center was approved as a full -scale allocation of public institutions.

Shanxi promote the physicalization of the comprehensive governance center at the province level, coordinate the provincial and city and county three -level compilation office through the establishment of a new physical agency and special preparation, the adjustment from other units, the other institutions directly rename and adjust their responsibilities, etc. Methods, 8 cities, 118 counties and cities, and 78 county -level comprehensive governance centers have special preparation agencies.

Shandong Yantai, Weihai and other places have set up the municipal comprehensive governance center as deputy institutions at the deputy office, and the county -level comprehensive governance center is established as a Zhengke -level public institution. The governance center is a compulsory agency, and the director of the comprehensive governance center is determined to be a sub -section level, and the implementation of districts and counties will be urged through inspection and supervision and regular scheduling. Integration and linkage of a set of people and many brands in Shandong Province in Dongying City, Shandong Province. This is where the Wanli Yellow River enters the sea, and it is also where my country ’s second largest oilfield victory oilfield is located.

In recent years, Dongying City has implemented the "Regulations" and promoted the comprehensive integration of the party and government system.

The management system after reshaping has all included all 81 communities, 194 education and medical institutions, and 10,000 retired employees in the management of crude oil fields. All departments of the oilland are fully involved to achieve unified organization, unified deployment, and scheduling, and effectively solve the effects of solving. In the past, the "two skin" of social governance. "In order to achieve the high degree of aggregation of departmental functions, our city has set up a full -time operation management center at the office and extend to county, townships, and communities to create an integrated command platform and improve the three major functions. Relying on the gridization system to promote the reconstruction of government processes, to open up the industry in the industry field, realize one -click circulation and closed -loop operation of governance matters, and incorporate the ‘Thousand Line’ into a Web. " Niu Yongchang, deputy secretary of daily work, told reporters. Practice has proved that promoting the construction of comprehensive governance centers focused on practical functions and highlights its platforms and basic functions in innovative social governance and promoting safety construction. In accordance with the requirements of "grid management, social services, informatization support, human property protection, and strengthening practical functions", promote the joint governance centers with party and mass service centers, government affairs command centers, comprehensive law enforcement centers and other "multi -centers" joint Building and integrating development, we can realize resource integration and Unicom sharing through "one set of people, multiple brands".

In Zhejiang, the concept of "run at most once" has extended from the field of administrative management to the field of social governance -the province is accelerating the creation of one -stop services and resolving contradictions and disputes on the spot (letters and visits supermarkets) Promote the integration of "multi -center" such as a multi -center resolution center, a joint reception center for petitions, and litigation service centers to promote the formation of community village autonomy, rule of law, and moral governance. Comprehensive governance work, market supervision, comprehensive law enforcement, and convenient service of convenience services, the unreasonable, coordinated county social governance work pattern of the "one center" of the county and city, and the "one -stop type of one -stop type of demand for various people in various types "Acceptance and adjustment. In Beijing, the Municipal Party Committee’s Ping An Construction Leading Group issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of the Comprehensive Governance Center", and put forward the overall idea of ??adhering to the problem -oriented, resource integration, practical results, and scientific and technological support to play the role of the comprehensive governance center and improve The social governance system ensures the safety and stability of the capital. In Ganzhou and Shangrao, Jiangxi, the new model of social governance in the construction of the comprehensive governance center as the starting point of the comprehensive governance center and exploring the in -depth integration of people’s livelihood and people’s security has become wider and wider. The two places expand the function of comprehensive governance centers in accordance with the requirements of "centralized resources, intensive management, and integrated services". Entering or linking and coordinating the work of grass -roots governance. Due to local systems, it is necessary to take effective results. "There are many residents and shops in Yumen’s new urban areas, and in recent years, companies in the industrial park have settled, and foreign populations have increased. It is difficult for our police to find out the situation in the area under its jurisdiction.

"Wu Yinniu, deputy head of the Public Security Brigade of Yumen City Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province. In this regard, Yumen City relies on the Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center and the Municipal Vitality Grid Service Center to establish a municipal police grid linkage center. There is a comprehensive command room of the comprehensive governance center and the police station to upgrade and create a comprehensive governance police grid linkage center to achieve seamless docking, without leaving dead ends, realize the "dual network integration". In daily work, the police and the grid staff " "The shadow is inseparable", which effectively solves the problem of the unsuccessful police force, the information on the information cannot come, and the masses cannot be pushed.

To change the response and new should be new.

Relying on the construction of comprehensive governance centers, the guidance of service practical needs, a large number of practical explorations adapted to local conditions, effectively resolving outstanding problems in various fields of social governance and safety construction, and continuously improving the level of ability to serve the masses and maintain stability.

Hebei, Jiangxi and other places have promoted relevant departments to send members to enter the comprehensive governance center or interconnected with the information of the comprehensive governance center. Improve the work mechanism of the comprehensive governance center’s first questioning, cooperation and cooperation, work meetings, comprehensive evaluation, etc., and promoted the orderly connection and efficient command of the comprehensive governance centers at all levels, and promoted the integration and coordination of the resources of the comprehensive governance centers and relevant departments in the region. Consistent, make the comprehensive governance center a solid line of defense to maintain social security and stability.

Tianjin actively expands the basic functions of the comprehensive governance center, strengthen the construction of contradictions and disputes in the center, psychological counseling room, and legal service room; Zhejiang is based on the active reality of non -public economic organizations and social organizations in this province. Places, support and guide social organizations such as professional disposal categories to grow and develop; some places also improve work mechanisms such as the first question, situation report, emergency linkage, and evaluation and evaluation to ensure that the comprehensive governance centers at all levels are connected in an orderly and efficient operation. With the steady advancement of the construction of comprehensive governance centers at all levels in the country, a new pattern of social governance that is more open to co -governance has gradually taken shape. Editor in charge: Zhu Xi.

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