69%of the elderly have sleep problems.

The importance of sleep is self -evident, and people will spend about one -third of their lives in their lives.

Sleeping well can ensure that we have a good mental state and physical condition during the day. This is because many important hormone secretion and chemical regulation occur at night when they are sleeping at night. They are essential to maintain and regulate the balance of the important system of the body. Our sleep situation will also change with the stage of life. Generally speaking, sleep efficiency and quality will deteriorate with their age. The elderly are the most serious group affected by sleep disorders. A study found that 69%of the elderly said there was a problem of sleep.

According to the relevant investigations jointly released by the China Sleep Research Association and other institutions, there are more than 300 million people in my country that have sleep disorders.

Among them, the problem caused by the elderly due to sleep safety is one of the most important content in the health care institution and home care. A series of mental illness, chronic diseases, and falling caused by sleep disorders are the biggest stumbling blocks on the healthy life of the elderly. There is a misleading speech to explain why their sleep becomes less and worse with the reduction of sleep requirements for the elderly. In fact, there is no significant difference between the elderly’s requirements for sleep and ordinary adults. In other words, the sleep problem of the elderly still needs to be improved urgently.

According to the report, the market size of the global sleep economy exceeds $ 432 billion and is still growing at a rate of more than 6%per year. Sleep economy -related products include bedding and various pharmaceutical care products, equipment, electronic products, food, book and audio -visual products, etc. that can promote sleep.

According to statistics, the capacity of China’s sleep market is as high as 100 billion yuan, and the market potential is huge. In the huge sleep market, more and more elderly people are more inclined to choose natural healthy products to improve sleep disorders and avoid drugs.

As a consumption of sleep aid products, Qianyuan Yanandan focused on the safety of entering the mouth. With natural and healthy ingredients, it harvested a large number of insomnia consumers, especially the recognition of elderly consumer groups. What are the characteristics of Qianyuan Yanan Dan? Qianyuan Yanan Dan is not actually a medicine. Although there are various Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng, wolfberry, mulberry, oysters, etc., they can also be classified as ingredients of the same source of medicine and food. , Drugs, you can adjust your physique and internal organs, and people’s daily intake will not affect the body, so the insomnia group is more assured.

In addition, PS (phospholipinicine) and GABA (aminoocyte) were added to Qianyuan Zhendan.

PS plays an important regulatory role in many cell metabolism, especially the memory of the brain’s memory and emotional stability. At present, phospholipiditine has passed the certification of the drug regulatory bureau of many countries as a nutritional supplement and is widely used abroad. On October 21, 2010, it was added to the new resource food directory by the former Ministry of Health (now renamed the National Health and Family Planning Commission), allowing it to be used as a new resource food.

GABA is a natural non -protein amino acid and an important neurotransmitter.

You can relieve your body and mind and promote sleep through nerve regulation.

Studies have shown that it has the functions of stability, anti -waste, lowering blood pressure, enhanced brain vitality nerve cells, promoting growth hormone, and liver and kidney.

In 2009, it was identified as a new resource food by the Ministry of Health.

The vitality of a product is in addition to quality, and consumers are more concerned about whether it has a role.

According to feedback from users, 60%of insomnia believes that sleep has improved after taking, 13%of insomnia states that sleep improves significantly, and 17%of insomnia states that sleep improvement is slow.

It is not difficult to understand that insomnia is a chronic disease. Except for the rapid sedative hypnotic drugs, other sleeping products need a process of improvement. Therefore, when choosing a sleeping product, do not blindly pursue immediately, but consider the performance of all aspects of the product.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Editor in charge: KJ005.

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