Alashan Zuoqi: Party building leads the development of industries to paint the beautiful scroll of rural rejuvenation

Alashan Zuoqi gives full play to the role of party organization’s fighting fortress, and promotes the construction of the "strongest party branch" to build quality and upgrade work. Through the "Party Branch+Enterprise+Farmers and Animal Households", it continuously optimizes the industrial structure and helps rural revitalization.

At the meeting of Bayan Hodgacha (expanded), the branch representatives are discussing the management measures of the village regulations and the management assessment of performance assessment.

Gacha adheres to the leadership of the strong party building, revise and improve the village regulations, establish and improve the organizations of villagers’ parliaments, the moral assessment parliament, the red and white council, etc., and actively explore the innovative governance model of the rule of law, autonomy, and moral governance. Form to activate the nerve endings of grassroots governance.

In order to better promote the village rules and people’s contract points, Bayan Hodgacha has set up a points for the supermarket. At present, the items listed on the list of points exchange items have been in place. Insufficient and insufficient participation in the masses promotes the formation of incentive methods of "performing points, rewards for points, and deduction of points."

"He can redeem a lot of daily necessities by obeying the village regulations and people’s treaties. He is very happy, and it is also a kind of affirmation and incentive for them.

Guo Kaisheng, a herdsman of Bayan Horoda, said. Meng Haiwen is an old party member and a big bull raised by Bayan Hodghacha. Over the years, he has given full play to the role of party members’ demonstrations to teach the advanced cattle raising techniques and the villagers for free. Experience, answering breeding problems, helping more and more villagers to raise a good bull and take the road of rejuvenation in the countryside. "Through the convenience conditions of our Gacha, they can start their own business and increase their income. Teach to the surrounding farmers and herdsmen to drive them to get rich together. "Speaking of his own" cattle "industry, Meng Haiwen talked.

According to the idea of ??"agricultural contraction, characteristic development", Bayan Horodcha, through the "Party Branch+Enterprise+Agricultural Powder" model, actively strives for project funds and uses preferential measures for free to use warm shed facilities The five leading industries of the sandwood industry, the planting shed planting, the sand industry, the fruit and vegetable picking, and the processing of agricultural and livestock products have initially realized the improvement of the production and living ecological simultaneous improvement, and the integration of the first two and three industries, which has driven the surrounding farmers and herdsmen to increase their income and become rich.

In recent years, Alashan Zuoqi has insisted on integrating grass -roots party building into all aspects of rural rejuvenation, and closely focused on the general requirements of "industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural style civilization, effective governance, and rich life". Organize farmers and herdsmen to go out to work in business, return to their hometowns, and implement the policy of benefiting farmers and animal husbandry, leading farmers and herdsmen to develop characteristic industries, strengthening the collective economy, solidly promoting rural revitalization, and continuously improving farmers and herdsmen’s income and living standards. (Cai Wei) (Responsible editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xuedong) Share more people see recommended reading.

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