Taizhou Linhai: Building the foundation for innovation with intellectual property rights

  A few days ago, a food company in Taizhou uploaded 4 products that have not been available in the company.

"These outer packaging is carefully designed. It takes 3 to 6 months to apply for the design patent for designing design. Now a little mouse can complete the certificate deposit. A insurance. "He Hanglin, the person in charge of the company, said," Thank you for the market supervision department to tell us ‘Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online’ newly opened public certificate.

"In recent years, the city of Taizhou Linhai has built the foundation for innovation with intellectual property strategy, and promotes high -quality development of the region. Patent overseas rights protection, regional brand cluster matrix, geographical indication promotion, commercial secret protection and many other tasks walk in Zhejiang Province and even even At the forefront of the country, the city has a total of 206 national high -tech enterprises, 29 national and provincial intellectual property demonstrations, advantageous enterprises, 11 well -known trademarks, 13 geographical signs, 3 collective trademarks, and intellectual property bid certification enterprises exceed 100 Home, 3,439 valid invention patents, three companies were shortlisted for the top 100 creativity in Zhejiang Province. In 2021, Linhai was selected as the first batch of Zhejiang Sustainable Development and Innovation Demonstration Zone Construction list. R & D activities have 535 companies, accounting for%, ranking at the forefront of Zhejiang Province and the first in Taizhou. Currently, the digital reform of intellectual property rights. The Linhai Market Supervision Department has vigorously promoted the use of Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online through the form of publicity and centralized training in enterprises. "One window unity", "one platform transaction", "one -chain protection", "one -stop management", "integrated service", etc., all the matter of all matters will be exhausted to create a "intellectual property home" of innovative subjects.

  "Next, we will hold a conference of intellectual property protection to continue to strengthen intellectual property protection, so that the boat of innovation and development has a stronger voyage motivation.

"Ye Fangxiang, deputy director of Linhai Market Supervision Bureau. (Responsible editor: Ai Yutao, Kang Mengqi) sharing to let more people see recommended reading.

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