The first generator crew of the right bank of the Dato Gorge Project successfully hangs

People’s Daily Online, Guigang, April 25th. Recently, the first power generation unit of the right bank of Dato Gorge Project was successfully lifted, laying a solid foundation for the victory of the first unit of power generation on the right of the right bank. It is understood that the Dato Gorge Engineering Generation Disposal Iron Heart Diamond Rice, height rice, weighing up to tons, consisting of 200,000 silicon steel sheets, has a high installation accuracy and technical requirements.

Since starting the assembly, the Oshixia Company has organized parties to participate in the construction of all parties. On the basis of absorbing the experience of the left bank installation, we adhere to standardization, professionalization, and refinement. Essence

As an important support for regional power safety, the Dato Gorge project has a total of 8 largest domestic axis -flowing paddle -type water wheel generator sets, with a single machine capacity of 200 MW.

Among them, the three generator crews on the left bank have been put into production and power generation in 2020. As of now, the cumulative power generation has exceeded 7 billion kWh. The five generator crews on the right bank are planned to be put into operation and operation of the first generator crew this year. The Dato Gorge Water Conservancy Project is located at the exit of the Dato Gorge Canyon Gorge Canyon in the Xianliu Qianjiang section of the Pearl River Basin, and the downstream is the kilometer of Guiping City. Control the area of ??10,000 square kilometers, accounting for about%of the Xijiang River Basin, 56%of the West River Water Resources, and the total amount of floods accounted for 65%of the floods of Wuzhou Station. This project is a comprehensive planning, flood prevention planning, and ensuring the watershed flood control control project and important water resource allocation projects determined by the special planning of Zhuhai, Macau, and ensuring the special water conservancy project of the Water Conservancy Project of the State Council. It is also a key ring one ring for the construction of the flood control project system and the major node of the construction of a major project of the national water network. Essence

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