Aesthetic: Reorganization NATO is not the problem of institutional construction in the United States and Europe.

It was reported on May 23 that the US Politics News website published an article entitled "New NATO in the 21st Century" on May 17. The author is Bruce Akman, a professor of law and political science at Yale University in the United States. The author believes that in view of the current situation of Russia and Ukraine, NATO must decisively reorganize.

However, this is not easy to achieve, which has raised a very realistic system construction problem for political leaders in continental Europe. According to the article, during the Cold War, Western Europe could be confidently relied on the US military forces to deter the Soviet Union and prevent its invasion.

But the situation is different now. Putin and his successor will continue to use this status quo unless NATO decisively reorganized. The article pointed out that this requires bold measures. The article pointed out that although Europeans can continue to rely on American air and maritime forces, they must prepare for their ground defense. However, this is not easy to realize. Unless Europe quickly take out specific action plans and requires that each NATO member country must fulfill a large number of specific military obligations every year.

It is also important that governments of various countries must put their troops under the unified command system. If the commanders of each country command their national fighters enter the battlefield, these scattered forces will be vulnerable under the collaborative attack of Russia, especially in an era of fast weapons.

The article states that this has raised a very realistic system construction problem for political leaders in mainland Europe. The article believes that only the EU has the real ability to organize extensive military efforts.

The article hopes to use the power of the European Commission and the EU Council to achieve NATO reorganization.

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