The second "Zhonggui Friendship Youth Leadership Development Competition" was launched

  Xinhua News Agency, Galagas, March 7th (Reporter Xu Yan) George Dun News: The Chinese Embassy in Guyana and the Ministry of Education of Guyana held the second "Zhonggui Friendship Youth Leadership Development Competition" on the 7th and signed cooperation document.

  Guo Haiyan, a Chinese ambassador to Guiya, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony that education is the foundation of national revitalization and social progress. The development of education is essential for promoting the comprehensive development of people, enhancing national innovation capabilities, and realizing transformation.

The exchange and cooperation of Zhonggui Education is an important part of bilateral friendship.

  Guo Haiyan said that in 2021, the "Zhonggui Friendship Young Leadership Development Competition" jointly founded by the Embassy and Gui Education was successful. This year’s competition is based on the 50th anniversary of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in China, and 22 winners will be selected from the 11 school districts of Gui.

  Guyana Education Minister Manik Chandling highly appreciated the achievements of China’s education development in his speech, and said he was glad to cooperate with China to host the competition again. She said that the competition is conducive to discovering and cultivating high -quality talents with comprehensive development, and encouraging middle school students to play leadership and participate in national construction. This will be the most meaningful results of the 50 years of friendship in Guizhong.

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