Effective ancient books protection and enhance cultural self -confidence

Original title: Efforts to protect the protection of ancient books and enhance cultural self -confidence [Expert Comment] The "Opinions on Promoting the work of ancient books in the new era" issued by the China Affairs Office and the State Council, comprehensively discussed the overall requirements of ancient books in the new era, and improved the work system of ancient books, the system of ancient books, and the system of ancient books, and It has been fully deployed to improve the quality of ancient books, accelerate the transformation and utilization of ancient books, and strengthen the protection of ancient books. It is a programmatic document for ancient books in the new era, and has far -reaching strategic significance. Ancient books are an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture and Chinese context, and it is also a valuable resource for the glorious Chinese culture in ancient times. In 1981, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Instructions on Corresponding to Organized Ancient Books in my country", and at the end of the same year, the business of the ancient books of the State Council was restored.

Forty years later, my country has achieved brilliant achievements in the regeneration protection, systematic collation, in -depth research, and the promotion of digitalization and intelligence in ancient books. In the Institute of Literature (now the Institute of Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Mr. Zheng Zhenduo, the first director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, presided over the editing "Ancient Opera Series", deeply felt the importance of the national unified coordination of ancient books and publishing publication. group. The ancient books he participated in the organization continued to grow and expand, and the results of the fruitful results. I later participated in the organizational selection of the last four series of the "Ancient Opera Series", which was particularly valuable and difficult for the construction process of this 68 years.

In the work practice, I personally have the importance of the work of ancient books, and more deeply realized that the protection of ancient books requires the top -level design, unified leadership, and some experiences and suggestions.

  First of all, on the basis of carefully and accurately finding out the family of ancient books at home and abroad, it is recommended that experts from all walks of life be asked to do a good job of narrative writing in the purpose of the Chinese ancient books. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences established a series of implementation plans such as census registration, talent training, and digital construction of ancient books, and completed the preliminary draft of ancient books of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for the preliminary book of ancient books for the ancient books of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Protection, development, and utilization provides institutional guarantee. As far as I know, the work of ancient books has been fully deployed, and the recording of ancient books must be organized and coordinated.

  Secondly, improve the management system, formulate industry specifications, improve evaluation standards, and unremittingly and comprehensively and systematically introduce a group of outstanding ancient books to organize works, and continue to organize experts to revise and improve, and eventually become the authoritative reading of our era. Through these academic activities, it can effectively improve the importance and special understanding of the work of ancient books in the whole society. It can also effectively promote the cultivation of professional talents in ancient books.

  Third, adhere to the principles of equal protection and use, and break the local barriers.

At present, each book collection agency regards ancient books as treasures, and some manuscripts, solitary books, good books, etc. are hidden in deep girlfriends and secrets.

What is worrying is that if accidents occur, these loneliness may disappear forever, causing irreparable losses. The protection is to better use, and it is the best protection.

It is suggested that the national ancient books organized and published the publication planning leadership group coordinating the unified editors of all the depository books, solitary books, and scarcity books, separated the door, systematics or organizational collation, coordinated publication.

This is not only to serve the academic community, but also to better preserve ancient books, make full use of ancient books, and serve socialist cultural construction. Without the unified coordination of organizations at all levels, without the strong support of experts and scholars, it is difficult to complete the above work. This allows us to recognize the importance of top -level design and centralized management again.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has made a long -term vision and has formulated a series of policies and policies on inheriting the development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

"Opinions" is a new strategic significant deployment. Doing this work will not only strongly promote the comprehensive development of ancient books, but also enhance the vivid embodiment of cultural self -confidence. (Author: Liu Yuejin, a member of the leading group of ancient books and publishing planning planning and publishing planning, and member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) (Project team: reporter Chen Xue, Wang Meiying, Du Yu, Li Xiaodong, Zhou Hongshuang, Wang Simin Correspondent Xu Mengling) (Responsible editor: Wan Peng, Liu Yuanyuan To.

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