Fucai "Scrape" -The Liuzhou Lottery Shimmel "Ten times good luck" 400,000 yuan

"Usually scratching lottery tickets, usually buying a few photos in the process of buying computer lottery. I never thought of the award of the winning!" Said Mr. Zhang from Liuzhou Fucai Center redeem the prize. On the evening of February 27, Mr. Zhang came to the betting station at the betting station No. 45020847, Kayu New Village, Liuzhou City, as usual, and asked the salesperson to give him two "Ten times good luck" lottery lottery tickets for him.

At that time, Mr. Zhang scratched the first one and did not gain. When he scraped the second one, he looked forward to being able to scrape out a "10" and was satisfied. 56 "consistent! When scraping the bonus amount, Mr. Zhang scraped two "0" and thought it was 100 yuan, and then two "0" appeared to make him a little excited: Is it 10,000 yuan this time? After scraping the last two digits with excitement, Mr. Zhang found that there were 400,000 yuan prize printed on it! After the mood calmed down, Mr. Zhang came to redeem the prize. In the redeemed award, Mr. Zhang said that he planned to invest the bonus into business for funds and continue to buy welfare lottery to support the public welfare business of Fucai.

(Zhang Qi) Source: Guangxi Fucai (Responsible Editor: Pang Guanhua, Chen Libing) Share let more people see it.

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