Chongqing seven departments will combat normalization to flick the deficiencies

meeting venue.

Guo Rui, in August 2018, in accordance with the four ministries and commissions of the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Public Security, Chongqing’s second-year special actions, the two-year special action of the illegal crime, the crime, was officially launched. More than three years, Chongqing has investigated 10,000 yuan in accordance with the law, and the tax will be more than 1.8 billion yuan, and 435 people involved in the case. Successfully cracked "4 · 01", "P11" deceived tax The gang, etc. "Special blow action has ended, but the ‘three fake’ illegal criminal activities still exist varying degrees, and the criminal means specialized, the group, and intelligent trends are more prominent." At the joint meeting, Chongqing Normalization hits the deficiency Leader of the Leading Group of illegal crimes, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau, Director Xu Guanglie said that he must strengthen the determination of Changzhi, the long-term effectiveness, and constantly consolidate and expand the effectiveness of the hitting work, and protect the city’s economic society. On the basis of the five departments of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, the Taxation Bureau in Chongqing, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chongqing Customs, and the Ministry of Public Security Bureau, and the Department of Chongqing, the city’s procuratorate, the Chongqing Foreign Exchange Management Department, the Chongqing Foreign Exchange Management Department. The combat work mechanism further deepened the cooperation between the administrative and judicial organs, enhancing normalized hits.

  The "Implementation Plan on Doing a Good Job" on the Work of Motion and Strike Decofake illegal Crime will maintain high-pressure situation, focus on "fake enterprises" "false enterprises" "fake business" " The "three fake" of the fake declaration is taxed and criminal, and it continues to increase the intensity. Focusing on improving leadership, monitoring warning, joint handling, punishment, punishing according to law, summing up the "six major mechanisms", combined with Chongqing reality, refining the specific work measures, clarifying the duties of various departments, and focusing on the overall normalization Sex, coordination, precision, and effectively safeguard the fair and fair tax economic order.

  The seven departments have established a "1 + 1 + 8 + N" working system from the city.

The first "1", that is, Chongqing’s normalization, the leadership team of the illegal crime, the leadership of the illegal crime, mainly responsible for organizing, coordinating, supervising, evaluating, and evaluating; the second "1", the Chongqing Municipal Police Tax Synthesis Command Center, the main responsibilities It is a coordinating management, the source management, contact communication, intelligence research, intensive hits, skills training, etc .; "8", the city’s 8 police tax synthesis command center office, the main responsibility is the source processing, joint handling case, federated merchant, etc .; "N" is the district county public security bureau, the Tax Office liaison, the main responsibilities is the case source transfer, coordination case, cooperative cooperation, and ascended. This system implements the flat management of a plump, will hit the sequential district of Chongqing and the district counties, and the organic series is connected to the city to uniformly carry out this work.

  The meeting site, the seven departments leaders unveiled the Chongqing Municipal Police Tax Synthesis Command Center and to the first to eighth office, marking the normal steps of the normalization of the illegal and deficient scivables, and realized the Economic Investigation Corps Station Tax Office, Jijiang New District, Yubei District, Yuzhong District, Jiulongpo District, Nan’an District, Wanzhou District, Fuling District, and Daishan District Public Security Department, respectively dispatched local cross-regional inspection bureau, forming a case investigation Resultant. At the meeting, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau said that the public security organs will deepen the department jointly linkage, and fully use public security professional methods, seize key industries, key links, key cases and key personnel, lay a good war, synthesis, and ensure normalization Improve tax illegal crimes in the work. In addition, the seven departments further refine the process, channels such as normalization, and the channels, etc., strive to strengthen information integration and deep mining, improve accurate identification, precise warning.

Further optimization of the case clues accepted, translated, and feedback processes, proposing joint analysis, joint inspection of major composite illegal crimes, joint inspections, will also form a joint task force, combined law enforcement, joint case, and improve "full chain" Hardness and effect. The Chongqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate said that according to law, the statutory duty of tax-related crimes is the statutory responsibility of the prosecution, the city’s procuratorate will continue to increase the case, improve the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, strengthen cooperation with public security, taxation and other departments to ensure It is necessary to do a good job of deficiency and defrauding crimes. "At the same time, we also insist on promoting defense and defense." Xu Guanglie said that there is no suspected crime market subject for illegal plots, less suspected crime, The Chongqing tax system passes through risk tips, reimbursement and loss, etc. The risk hazard affecting economic smooth operation is resolved, and a good tax business environment is created for high quality development. (Hu Hong, Pods, Chen Ying) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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