Beijing’s first intellectual property insurance work demonstration park settled in Daxing

  On August 25, Beijing Sino-Japanese Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone was awarded the title of Beijing’s first intellectual property insurance work demonstration park. Intellectual property insurance pilots will provide higher quality intellectual property services for hard technology companies such as small and medium-sized and small enterprises in key fields, and help innovation and development in demonstration zones.

  At the end of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission approved support to establish the "Beijing Sino-Japanese Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone", the demonstration area is the first international innovation cooperation demonstration area in China.

  Daxing District Committee deputy secretary and district commander Wang Guo said that Daxing District is the "three districts of the capital", will build a link global innovation industry hub and actively build an international technology innovation center.

Intellectual Property has become a key element of the development of high-precision industries in Daxing District and shaping new industrial competition. Daxing District will make full use of the platform of Beijing Sino-Japanese Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone to create an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, accelerate the integration into the global innovation network, respect the market entities, continue to optimize the business environment, and promote the industry innovation .

  Launching ceremony, the full-time committee of the Beijing Senior People’s Court Trial Committee, and the Wage Tribiting Charter Yang Baiyong led the "Intellectual Property Tour Trial Tribunal" for the Beijing Sino-Japanese Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone. At present, the Tour Trial Tribunal has set a special consulting window and mediation room to carry out legal advice, contradiction and resolution and tour trial work in intellectual property rights disputes, to create a convenient and efficient intellectual property rights control green channel for demonstration zone companies.

  After the startup ceremony, Beijing Sino-Japanese Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone also held the intellectual property innovation service training meeting, to popularize rich and professional intellectual property related laws and regulations and protection methods, helping companies improve intellectual property creation, application, protection and management. Ability, promoting business independent innovation, and improving corporate competitiveness.

  Yang Dong, director of the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, said that it will continue to do a good job in intellectual property creation, use, protection, management and service, further strengthen the department collaboration and urban linkage, concentrated advantage, and improve the development of regional intellectual property rights, and go deep into enterprises Service work, focus on building the intellectual property protection work pattern of government, enterprises, social organizations and public participation, and make new and greater contributions to the "two districts" construction and economic high quality development.

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