China Anhe Town: "Addition and Save and Return" method

Quanzhou County Anhe Tree Scropics uses the "addition and subtraction and division" method, solve the "party construction method", consolidate the grassroots party building roots, stimulates the new vitality of the party building, and strongly promotes the comprehensive improvement of the party building work, in order to build a high-intensive demonstration town, help the farmhouse Rural revitalization provides strong organizational guarantees. Good use "plus" legalization, the rural resolution is achieved.

Combined with local red culture, agricultural industries, rural tourism, play the pioneer model of party organizations and party members, create a group of party construction demonstrations such as "party building + red culture" "party building + agricultural industry" "party building + rural tourism" Point, promote the mutual integration of party construction and rural residence.

First, promote "Party Building + Red Culture". In-depth digging and utilizing the Red Military Changjiang Battle Red Cultural Resources, and creates the red education base of Wen Tanghong 34 Memorial Park, creates the "Red Education" boutique route of Qinglongshan Village to Longjing Village, through the development of the series of theme party days, inspiring the majority of party members Inheriting the red gene, strengthen the party’s temperament, and continues the red blood. The second is to promote the "Party Building + Agricultural Industry".

Strengthened Wen Tang Penang Trancium Planting Professional Cooperative "Two" Organization Party Organizations in the "Main Subcutaneous" role of the development of Cultivation, cultivating fragrant cultivists getting more than 30 people, leading the masses to expand the intensity of Xiang Xiang industry Create a special "fragrant town".

At present, the town is growing in more than 40 acres. The modern specialty demonstration area of ??Panghu Xiang is actively creating the autonomous region-level demonstration zone, Anhe Xiangshu Agricultural Products Certified by China Green Food Development Center as a green food A-class product in June this year.

The third is to promote "party building + rural tourism". Relying on the Dawang Village Committee Longjing’s unique natural resources, actively play the "row of the soldiers" in the development of rural tourism development, take the lead to guide the masses to vigorously develop farmhouse music, home-breaking, commodity sales, special food, etc. Travel business services, build the party branch In the industry, the party members gathered in the industry and accelerated the pace of revitalization of rural villages.

At present, Longjing Village is more than 10 farmhouses and branches of party members.

In July of this year, Datang Village, Anhe Town was awarded the exploitation of rural revitalization reforms in the autonomous region.

Diligent "reduction" is clear, and the preciseness is effective.

Focus on the focus of the party construction work, the monogram is written out from the week, month, and the year will be the party building "homework", form the key task of the party construction, refine the task, promote the work, and promote the grassroots party construction work, and make fine Make a specification. At least one business training is organized at least a quarterly, through business knowledge teaching, scenario teaching, interactive communication, etc., continuously enhance its work ability and business level, and effectively solve the prostitute, the skills, and the legacy of the skills. At least one town party committee special research party construction work was held, and the party organization secretary reported the development of party building work and existed. For the discovery issues, the town party committee was seriously sentenced, and the full-time deputy secretary and organizational committee specific grasped, and coordinated one by one solve.

Since this year, the town party committee has been held 11 times, resolving the work of party building demonstration points, and developing party members and other work. Use the "multiplication" to promote the strength to promote.

Take a point in the way, organize 23 grassroots party secretary of the town to Xing’an County, Irrien County, etc. Further standardize the party construction work, innovate thinking and implement the requirements.

Combined with "I do practical things for the masses", in-depth development of "People’s Satisfaction Window", strive to be "mass satisfaction cadres" and "party members first pioneing" assessment activities, earnestly improve service quality and work Efficiency, optimize the development environment. Since this year, 9 people were selected, and 16 people were satisfied with cadres. 22 of the party members were more than 80 pieces of the people’s difficulties, and they have changed their work style, and the party groups and joint relationships are closely related. Use "except" to break the bottleneck, replenish the short board to improve the problem.

The town party committee will take the lead, and the cross-examination group consisting of the town party political staff and the village-level organizer is closely around the grassroots party building work, combined with the grassroots party construction work supervision list, take the field view, check the account information, party members The telephone lottery and other means, the 14 villages in the whole town are concentrated "consultation", classified "prescription", and promote the overall level of the top party construction work. In-depth development of the "good short board, strong foundation, quality, positive image", select "Good Media" in the quarter, to see the scene, ask, collective Talking and other forms for comprehensive score and feedback, incentive "demonstration village" tree typical, promote "rear village" to make shortboard.

At present, the town has successfully created one five-star party organization in autonomous regions, 4 four-star party organizations in autonomous regions. (Jiang Navy) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.

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