Bijie seven-star relationship: Yangbi "grab fresh" listed order supply

Fresh sheep belly.In the base base, it also specializes in the drying room of the sheep bacteria. "The plastic order is sold, and the orders are small, and the order is stored, and the sheep storm storage is long, and the market prospect is the same.

"Wang Jiang said that the advanced community in Tianba Town is just a planting base. From the planting to harvesting and sales, there are companies to serve, providing seedlings, technical support, and ensuring the species, sold. In recent yearsIn order to do a good job in the local industry, Qixing Guanzhan actively uses the Evergrande aid to build a greenhouse project, introducing high-quality enterprises, getting the leading bacteria and other economic efficient industries such as the leaders, etc. At present, the edible bacteria in Qixuanguan District is planted in 4.75 million rods.More than 16,000 tons of production, output value of more than 16 million yuan. There are more than 30 production mains, providing nearly 1,000 jobs.

Among them, the most cultivated townships of the sheep bacteria have small Jiwu and Tian Dam Bridge, and each township reaches 300 greenhouses.

(Figure / Wen Han Yuanyuan) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).

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