2020 latest civil programs were responded by Ke Wenzhe "Super Car" Korea

According to Taiwan’s "United Daily" report, 2020 Taiwan’s leaders elected the latest civil programs showing Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe as a leader, Kaohsiung Mayor South Korea said that this is normal yesterday, as long as the Kuomintang is not united, Ke’s people The adjustment will go up, "As long as the Kuomintang diarrhea, Ke P body will become stronger and strong"; Ke, four two dials, thousands of pounds, said that this is the statistical error (referring to the difference between the gap in the scope of the polls), and the civil training is good.

South Korea said that he is in a person, the people are high, be alert, the people are low, to work hard; the people will play a voluntarily, reflect the voice of the people, so the Kuomintang must unite. The DPP is also the same, as long as the inner is inner, the bucket is more powerful, and Ke is also more and more stronger. It is not a single factor, which is not a single factor, and the child who has grown up. It is easy to eat the same, and the child who is too pet-down in parents is easy to be big. Growing political figures, I need confidence. "As for the polls, if returned to the blue-green depends, Guo Taiming, the chairman of Honghai Group, said, South Korea said, bless Guo, if Guo Min continued to rise, he also happy. In the "United Daily" civil priority, Guo Taiming has an upward trend. When the blue-green one-pair, Guo Win Cai, which is better than Han.

Guo Taiming said that the civil condition information is used, and the public opinion is like flowing. If he can’t make a serious thing, the public will change at any time; he can confirm that you can do it now, ready to visit the grassroots in a month, understand the grassroots demand, confidence The public opinion that appears will be more real.

He also invited everyone to give him a chance, let him lead the Taiwan to fight, "’Cai’ is not good to change" Guo ‘reeling ".

(Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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