ABC Yancheng Branch: Highlighting the local development

Recently, the Modern Express reporter learned from the Agricultural Bank of China, as of the end of September, the total loans were 74.3 billion yuan, of which the far-growing loans were more than 100 million yuan, which was net to increase from the beginning of the year.

"It is our main business responsibility, which must be organically combined with the national strategy and Yancheng characteristics. The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Bank Yancheng Branch said that as a" agriculture " The state-owned financial institution, the bank bravely revitalizes the financial main army, adheres to the rejuvenation of the rural resolution as the top priority of the business work, increase the investment of fund resources, guarantee financial services, and contribute financial strength for the benefit of the salty folks.

Yangma Town, Chrysanthemum is a hometown of China’s medicinal medicinal materials, the planting of the entire town and a radiation area of ??100,000 mu.

At the beginning, the Hiumi Haihai Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Yangma Town faced a huge funding gap.

The Agricultural Bank of China has actively docked, and the fixed loan billion will be issued to the industrial park project after in-depth investigation. The Yanyang Agricultural Bank adopts the "one project and one program one authorized" marketing model. As of now, it has supported 35 households, 40 million yuan, chrysanthemum processing small micro enterprise loans, 24.5 million yuan.

Also have a park. In March 2020, Binhai County Production City Integration Industry Development Co., Ltd. conducted a "Tree Call" on the first batch of 46 companies in the park.

The project requires a lot of funding support, and Binhai Agricultural Bank has launched the "Rural Revitalization Park Loan" products and issued 600 million yuan.

ABC Yancheng Branch supports the modern agricultural industry, supports "three districts three parks" (grain production ribs, important agricultural products production area and specialty agricultural products advantage, modern agricultural industrial park, science park, pioneering park, idyllic complex), marketing There are 13 modern agricultural industrial parks, and the rural entrepreneurship in the provincial-level entrepreneurial innovation garden, the approval amount is 2.3 billion yuan, and billions of dollars are put into the village.

Beautiful entertainment, so many citizens linger.

Today, today, it is inseparable from the financial support of the Agricultural Bank of China.

As early as 2011, the local area was established, and the Agricultural Bank Yancheng Branch learned, he took the initiative to facilitate the financing, helping the corporate financing, and issued a project loan billion.

In just a few years, the increasing changes occurred and became the representative of the new rural construction in Yancheng. Jiulongkou, Dafeng Mei Flower Bay, Yandu Dazhu, Dongtai Huanghai Forest Park … Agricultural Bank Yancheng Branch also provides financial support for county tourism.

In addition, the bank surrounds the beautiful rural construction, supporting people’s environmental improvement, has been put on rural land comprehensive remediation projects in the city, increasing the area of ??cultivated land close to 10,000 mu; supports 14, billions of water conservancy projects. It is worthy of praise, in order to innovate the revitalization of the country, in April this year, the Agricultural Bank Yancheng Branch led to establish the first national Agricultural Bank system, the province’s largest rural revitalization fund – Jiangsu Zhuquan Huanghai Yuti Rural Zhenxing Fund, investment in equity investment At the high-quality project in the field of rural resulted, 20 optional projects can be shaped and investing in about 27 billion yuan.

In the wide range of rural areas, a new super rice – "South Stalk 5718", gives many farmers’ hopes to get rich income.

Many people don’t know, during rice seed research and development, the Agricultural Bank Yancheng branch in the snow, and the cumulative loans will be issued by 60 million yuan, support the cultivation, breeding and promotion of high-quality varieties. According to statistics, in recent years, the bank puts 3,954 seeds, food field loans, and puts hundreds of millions of dollars, which has strongly supported the creation and creation of super rice breeding materials, and the major variety cultivation demonstration promotion, which broadening the farmers broaden the income channel. Hengdong Village, Hengji Town, Jianhu County is a pilot village in Jianhu County to implement the improvement of housing conditions in farmers. In the past two years, more than 180 residents in Hengdong Village have successively homes. The beautiful life of the villagers is the vivid epitome of the financial support of the Agricultural Bank of Yancheng Branch. The Agricultural Bank Yancheng Branch gather to support the improvement of rural residential conditions, launching products such as rural land remediation, "farmers and home loans", have supported Xiangning, Jianhu, Dafeng, Runshui, Binhai and other counties, farm renovation projects, accumulated deposits 100 million yuan, so that Wan farmers have improved living conditions and fully demonstrate the responsibility of the Agricultural Bank of China to have a good day. related suggestion.

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