Baihe Tan Hydropower Station: Let "Made in China" brand in Hubei blot

The source of the Baihe Beach Hydropower Dam in the early morning in Hubei. At the beginning, when building the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project, 32 700,000 kilowatt water turbine generators were required. However, the manufacturing capabilities at the domestic time can only manufacture 300,000 kilowatt-level hydraulic generators. In this case, my country introduced high-power hydrophant generators from Alstom, France.

Later, at the Three Gorges Group led, integrate national scientific research strength and manufacturing power, not only achieved all the domestic cultivation of 700,000 kilowatts, but also launched 770,000 kilowatts, 800,000 kilowatts, 850,000 kilowatts Water wheel generator until the development of 1 million kilowatt giant water turbine generators, connect the world record. With the huge success of the Three Gorges Hydropower Project, it has become the world’s best hydropower station building brand, and the Three Gorges Group is "China Manufacturing", and begins to attack the city in the country and even global.

In the Jinsha River Basin, the four large hydropower stations have been built on the Jinsha River, which includes the most upstream installed Hydropower Station; the second level, that is, we Deeply visiting Baihe Hydropower; Level 3, is a Xi Luo Hydropower Station equipped with 18 770,000 kilowatthe turbine generators; the most downstream, it is equipped with 8 million kilowatt water turbine generators. Hydropower Station. . They are all responsible for the construction of the Three Gorges Group.

In today’s world, the Three Gorges Group as the "giant" of the hydropower project, only in the Baihe Beach Hydropower Station, including the six world records, including: the first use of millions of kilowatt water turbine generators in the world; built the world’s largest underground hole Room group; built the world’s largest pressure-free flood group; built the world’s largest cylindrical tail water pressure regulation; with the world’s highest 300 meters high arch dam seismic indicator; the world’s first 300 meters high arch Low hot cement concrete is all used in the dam. Not only that, the Hydropower Construction Legion of the Three Gorges Group has also vigorously "going out" and is currently in more than 40 countries around the world.

The Three Gorges Group’s overseas market includes: New Energy Industry developed European and American markets, river hydropower resources enriched Latin American African market, with powerful interconnection conditions.

Today, with the "Three Gorges Brand" in the world’s large-scale water conservancy power engineering, the Hubei elements are properly rising "China Manufacturing", and then lay their brand again.

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