Changzhou District: Support for disabled people to develop household breeding

"I received 35 chicken seedlings and learned farming technology.

Guo Mufei, village, village, Changzhou Town, Changzhou City, Zhangzhou City, said. On October 24th, the Federation of Disabled Persons in Huizhou Changzhou District conducted "Sunshine Help Revenue Base" practical technical training in Changzhou Town, Changzhou Town, and Changzhou Town. Free 120 rural people with disabilities, lead them through labor to increase their income, further promote rural residence. It is understood that this year’s Disabled Persons’ Federation and Guangxi Tonggong Ecological Breeding Co., Ltd. established Changzhou The "Sunshine Help Remaining Base", adopts the "Base + Disabled Farmers" to promote the construction of projects, with the base for core radiation to develop industries. The project conducts practical technical training, field technology guidance, tracking visit, finished product recycling, etc. Measures to help rural disabled people to develop production, which is expected to drive people with disabilities to increase the pure income of 4,000 yuan. Next, the Disability Federation and Help Residual Base of the Cheungzhou District will continue to follow up the cultured situation of disabled households, and ensure that the chicken seedling is affordable. Do a good job in technical training guidance and sales service. At the same time, continue to guide the disabled people to start their own business, broaden the disabled people to get rich. (Reporter / Xia Xiaoyun correspondent / Shi Qiulan) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Sharing let more people see.

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