Capital Normal University: Admissions to school Advantage Characteristic Disciplines Tilt new 3 experimental class enrollment

People’s Network: Is there any increase or decrease in the enrollment plan this year? What new changes in the enrollment policy? Capital Normal University: In 2021, the undergraduate enrollment plan of the school was stable than last year; the school recruited ordinary categories in 26 provinces. This year, the school has been fully adjusted to the enrollment plans of each major, and the enrollment plans to enrollment and employment of professionalism, school dominance characteristics, and the urgent need of the economic and social development of the capital. There are several aspects of this year’s enrollment changes, reminding candidates and parents concerning: 1. This year’s school’s artistic admissions professional admissions use each enrollment province’s artistic test results as professional courses, no longer organizes the school entrance examination.

Music and dance class cancels the school entrance examination in Beijing-foreign enrollment provinces, using the provincial-level entrance examination (joint entrance examination) scores of enrollment provinces as professional courses.

For details, please visit our undergraduate Admissions Network for details and admission rules. 2. The college entrance examination reform province candidates will meet the requirements of the school enrollment majors.

In order to facilitate the candidates, the school maintains stability in the 2021st for the investment subjects and professional groups in Beijing; the only change is in accordance with the requirements of the superior document, combined with the actual enrollment of the school, will be 2020 political necessities Group (including professional) of Marxist theory, adjusted to undergraduate batch of enrollment. 3. The school teacher has implemented the policy of exemption, and according to the spirit of the Ministry of Education, the school recruiting teachers and students participate in the exemption and identification reform: the school teaches teachers and students to conduct education and teaching ability assessment, and the qualified graduates can rely on education. The results of the assessment, exempt the national primary and secondary school teachers qualification examination subjects. Encourage an excellent candidates who are interested in teach students to apply for teachers.

People’s Network: Is there any change in enrollment in 2021? Capital Normal University: In 2021, school combined disciplines and talent training characteristics, as well as changes in social demand, add 3 experimental class enrollment: history (tip plan experimental class in the Ministry of Education), Biological Science (Experimental Class), Primary School Education (Jingchu Academy) (Normal).

History (Ministry of Education Tolden Plan Experiment Class): This year’s School History College History Major is selected for the Ministry of Education "Basic Science Pioneer Student Training Plan".

The experimental class is cultivated to cultivate a strong humanistic spirit, social responsibility and profound theoretical literacy, with solid historical knowledge and academic accumulation of cross-discipline, with broad international vision and international exchange capabilities, can pass through the Chinese and Western Talents are for training; and will fully implement the book system, mentor system, credit system and academic cross-financing mechanism, pay attention to the cultivation of historical research and foreign language skills.

Students who have selected experimental classes will enjoy preferential policies such as learning rewards, abroad, high-profile research rates. Biological Science (Experimental Class): School Shenghua Institute adhering to supporting high-end innovative talent training with first-class teachers and first-class research, this year will recruit experimental classes this year, through increasing bilingual courses, pure English course credits Increase research projects and export exchange opportunities, and cultivate new talents. Biological science includes two majors of biological science, biotechnology, both of the "Double 10,000 Program" national first-class undergraduate professional construction point; other biological science majors are "key construction majors", biotechnology professionals in Beijing The first batch of "New Engineering" projects reflects too hard talent training. Primary Education (Jing Xiu Academy) (Normal): This year, the school elementary education major began to set the "respective examination book" named after school alumni, famous children’s educator Sun Jingxiu. High starting point to cultivate innovative research primary education for primary school children, international perspective and future educators.

The whole process of mentor system, the big learning stage is based on the "Legend of the General Education + Tutor Professional", and the students in the secondary school student in the six professional directions of primary education (Chinese, mathematics, English, information technology, science, moral education) First, start to enter the "Child Education + Professional Direction" course, while carrying out academic activities such as lectures, research, exchanges, research, etc. The experimental class is only enrolled in Beijing candidates. People’s Network: Please introduce you to the school’s transfer professional policy and bonus scholarship policy? Capital Normal University: In response to the possibility of admission, it is not interested in the professional, not adaptation, etc. We follow the "application without threshold, admission to the review" to transfer professional policies. In addition, in order to fully stimulate students’ interest in learning interests and learning specialties, enhance employment competitiveness, our school has opened a number of other mechanics for learning, and implemented "a one auxiliary" talent training form; existing minor professional coverage The academic categories of literature, education, academics, management, and art, form a unique training character.

According to the relevant national policies and combined with the actual situation of the school, the school sets a variety of scholarships to fund the comprehensive quality of comprehensive quality, including "national scholarship", "national inspirational scholarship", excellent, professional, single scholarship, Capital Normal University Social Scholarship; at the same time there are also many bursary. The coverage of our school’s bonus scholarship is very high, and the professional coverage of teachers has exceeded 80%, and non-normal professionals exceeds 40%.

The school has always attached great importance to the help of students with difficulties in family economy. Schools have specialized "green channels" in the new report to enter the school for new students who have difficulties in family economy, ensuring that all admitted family economic difficult students are not out of school due to difficulties in their families.

After enrollment, the school implements the national student loan as the main means to the prize-funded ways for incentives, work-related, tuition reduction, difficult subsidies, special subsidies, etc. Students have successfully completed their studies.

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