Digital economy is booming (overtracting and developing a stable work)

  On May 11, Anhui Maanshan Economic Development Zone High-tech Penang Electronics Co., Ltd. workers were used in a semiconductor chip applied to 5G base stations.

  Wang Wensheng photo (Imaging China) On April 23, in the Oriental International Container Production Plant in Lianyun Harbor District, Jiangsu Self Trade Test Area, the robot is pressing the cabinet component board. Wang Chun photo (image China) March 6, Tibet Lhasa Xiong County UM Tang Township Baghu Village Good network class.

  Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fixeda, April 1, Inner Mongolia Alax, Strategy (right) learned new knowledge through online class. The picture shows the mother’s Yi Yifu hand mobile phone. Xinhua News Agency reporter continuously took the road on April 25th, the flower base of the port street towns in Qigui District, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, and the flower farmers sell more meat plants through the Internet. Yang Feng Sheng (image China) On May 5, Shaanxi Xi’an Satellite Detection and Control Center Weinan Measurement and Control Station, scientific and technological personnel maintained a model of the station to measure the antenna equipment.

  Zhang Danhua Wang Songsong photography report.

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