Beijing Dongcheng: Love Dongcheng Love Party Hand Cutting New Fashion

  Paper-cutting, a long-standing folk art in my country, is also one of the most national characteristics and local characteristics of civil art.

The paper-cutting art is rooted in the traditional culture of Boda, and the image is vividly integrated with auspicious culture in folk customs.

In the creative and visual content expression, the paper-cutting is hidden with simple beliefs and aesthetic trends, meaning auspicious, conveys the beautiful, beautifying life, and wrote life.

  In 2021, it was an unforgettable year. The 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and the national anti-prevention has made decisive victory. The 2022 Winter Olympics is gradually close. In such a situation, it also inspiring the enthusiasm of civil artists, they use the Yi Party, Art anti-anti-disease. The paper-cut artist is integrated into the works in the work, creates a piece of paper-cutting work with the times.

"孺子 牛" "Winter Olympics" "Happy Feng Yue Song" "Red Boat" In order to bring the members’ creation achievements in the form of entity exhibition, the Beijing Dongcheng Folk Arts Association cooperates with the corner building library, held this "love Dongcheng The party, and the new fashion "paper cut exhibition.

Recently, the paper-cutting exhibition is officially carried out in the Zuo’anmen corner building.

"Zhongnan Mountain" "Time model" "Social fire" "Lei Feng" The passion of the party, patriotic, and loves happiness is the exhibition of their perspective.

"Concentricity" "The" Hope Light "" Hope "" The Light of the Party "," Building the Party "," Building Party Brilliance Series "paper-cutting artist is in the art of the party, informing the red cultural gene, integrating the cultural genes In the unique paper-cut art culture, it creates a paper-cutting work with the Times characteristics, which contributes its own power.

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