Chinese toys want to retrieve in the sea

  Xinhuanet Shenzhen October 31 (Reporter Li Xiaoling) will be held in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, 2022, 2002-2, from January 28th to March 2, 2022.

  Exhibition will focus on the exhibition, professional forum, industrial docking and other forms of the genuine authorized toys, plastic toys, maternal and child products, bicycles, baby carriages, electronic electric, outdoor and sports goods, festivals, children’s activities and sports products, puzzle Toys, early childhood education and other market explosions, the same period will also hold cross-border e-commerce selection exhibition, international toy baby supplies, international consumer electronics exhibition, international IP authorized industry fair, international toy model and trend art exhibition Wait, linkage more cross-border cooperation.

  According to the organizers of the exhibition, the total exhibition area of ??Chenghai Toy (Shenzhen) Exhibition has reached 90,000 square meters, which will bring together more than 2,600 high-quality exhibitors, more than 100,000 exhibits, relying on Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade export, research and development design, high-tech The advantages of technology enterprises, broaden sales channels, help industrial upgrades, build a comprehensive service platform integrating brand display, product transaction, and new product release, help Chinese toys to open the global market. Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, there is a reputation of "Chinese toys", and the industry is "world toys to see China, Chinese toys to see Guangdong, Guangdong toys to see Chenghai". The Chenghai toy industry gathers, the regional advantages are obvious, both in the number of toy companies, scale of output, industrial chain support, supply chain resources, trade procurement, etc.

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