All localities set off the service of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the policy support is not reduced in the second half of the year.

[] In recent time, Hunan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, etc. set off a craze of small and medium-sized enterprises, and issued specific measures in terms of tax reduction, financial services, clean-up accounts, and supporting the healthy development of SMEs. In terms of tax cuts, the Hunan Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Tax Office, and the Provincial Taxation Bureau have jointly launched special actions to implement small and medium-sized micro-enterprises tax cuts, and opened the "green channel" of the small and medium-sized micro-enterprise tax cuts.

  In terms of the reform of the delivery service, the Xinjiang Finance Department requires the implementation of the direct mechanism of the financial fund "one plump inserted", enhances the financial funds to pay the efficiency, and timely, the financial resources support the tax reduction and payment, making fiscal funds more efficiently converted to Enterprises and people can see the well-being.

  In the cleanup arrears of small and medium-sized accounts, Sichuan Province issued the "Notice on Establishing Cleaning and Arrears SME Accounts and Root Causes Arrears Migrant Workers Work Work", requiring complaints to deal with local management, responsible, who is responsible, who is the supervisor The principle of responsibility, establish a case notification mechanism. In terms of financial innovation, the Dezhou City Industry and Information Technology Bureau in Shandong Province played the role of the industry authorities and recommended high-quality enterprises to carry out medium-term liquid loans business for banks.

Up to now, 4 pilot banks have handed around 138 million yuan for 138 enterprises.

  Changzhou Finance Bureau, Jiangsu Province, recently released the "Notice on Further Promoting Government Procurement Credit Financing", accurately upgrading the political campaign, and further address the financing problem of SMEs.

  Under the positive action of various places, the policy effect is constantly appearing, and the operation of SMEs has improved significantly.

However, some of the plot and risk hazards need to be concerned.

  "The market demand is insufficient, and the price of bulk commodities has risen to extrusion of small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the financing is difficult, it is still the main problem with SMEs, and the structural contradiction of employment is increasingly prominent.

In addition, some policies are not implemented, and foreign trade companies have also plagued SMEs. "The Secretary-General of China SMEs, Xie Tu, said in the selection of economic operations in the last year. Xie Tuan suggestion, continue to implement the benefits of benefit-stricken, using a variety of means to resolve the arrears of receivables; suppress bulk raw materials The price rises, solves the difficulties of SMEs; giving the export SMEs to help, encourage companies to go out.

  SMEs, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also said that they will pay close attention to new situations, new issues, new issues, strengthen policy research and reserves in small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular small and micro enterprises, and intensify support. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

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