Bank of China Tianjin Division provides comprehensive financial services to enter the Expo Tianjin Trading Group

On November 6, the 4th China International Import Expo trade investment docking will open at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As the only financial partner of this year, Tianjin Branch, Bank of China, has been fully serving the Expo for four consecutive years, continuously increase support from organizational preparation, customer recruitment, financial support, and relying on new The upgraded "Hui Wisheng, BMS E Enterprise" global enterprise ecosystem, expanding the social influence of China ‘s cross-border matching services. In the early stage, the customer’s single-mutual selection, system pairing, customer travel confirmation, etc., China Bank Tianjin Branch invited a total of more than ten hospitals such as services, medical devices, food and agricultural products. Adhering to the mission of "combating the world, benefiting society", the Bank of China Tianjin Branch will continue to help small and micro enterprises, service entity economics, develop praise finance, and help Chinese and foreign companies share new opportunities.

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