Chongqing issued the first air pollution in autumn and winter response work warning

  People’s Network Chongqing November 12 electricity (Hu Hong) to strengthen autumn and winter air pollution response, Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau issued the ninth air pollution response work warning in 2021, which was also the first time in autumn in autumn.

The Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau revealed that the Chongqing City will have a local air pollution process, including the main city, Chengdu, Jiangjin District, Yongchuan District, Qijiang District, Yushan, Yongchuan District, Yushan District Rongchang District, and the air quality of the Wanzhou District in the northeast of Yuzhou District is large. Why is the autumn and winter in the air pollution? "The reason for causing air pollution is mainly unfavorable meteorological conditions, pollution emissions increases and external transmission effects.

"Li Zhenliang, director of the Atmospheric Institute of Chongqing Ecological Environment Science, is more stable in autumn and winter, low height, is not conducive to pollutant proliferation, and air environmental capacity is a significant reason to lead to frequent air pollution in autumn and winter.

  Chongqing is located in the southeast of Sichuan Basin. It is prone to static wind in autumn and winter, inverse temperature weather, the near-floor atmosphere is in a relatively stable state, the air exchange has a very poor exchange capacity, and the atmospheric mixing layer may drop to a few hundred meters. It causes a sharp compression of the atmospheric environment, even if the pollutant emissions are the same as other seasons, air pollution occurs. In addition, Chongqing autumn and winter high humidity and multi-fog climate characteristics will promote rapid conversion of gaseous pollutants to secondary particulate matter and moisture and humidity, which is one of the reasons for air pollution in autumn and winter in Chongqing.

  The Chongqing Ecological Environment Bureau stressed that the relevant regional government (management committee) increased the active and effective emergency reduction measures based on strengthening dust, industrial, transportation and living pollution control measures, Organize relevant departments, town streets and mens to grasp the co-management, stop the open-air incineration and straw ban, and strive to strive for air quality to meet the standard, prevent heavy pollution weather. "How to judge the air quality? Is it pollution day?" Seeing not necessarily. Because Chongqing is located in the Sichuan Basin, the main city "Si Mountain" and "two rivers" are surrounded, the water vapor has an abundant source, the air is humid, the relative humidity is more than 80%, plus winter is easy to form inverse temperature, calm air condition, water vapor The gathering is not easy to spread, and it is easy to form in the hangthy day, which is very easy to cause the sky, but from the monitoring data, air quality is still excellent. It is reported that in order to ensure the completion of this year’s air quality improvement target mission, on October 20th, the Chongqing Municipal Government specially held 2021 to 2022 autumn and winter atmospheric pollution control and attacking video conferences, arranged to deploy the city’s autumn and winter attacks. Since the autumn and winter atmospheric pollution, Chongqing has dispatched more than 5,400 people, inspecting 739 industrial enterprises, gas stations, oil storage and catering industries, 254 construction sites, 116 law enforcement supervision industrial enterprises, and road inspection machines. All of them were discovered and stopped the opening of the open-air incineration point, and 146 open-air barbecue stalls were investigated.

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