150,000 tail proliferation of fish floating Danjiangkou Reservoir [2]

People’s Network November 18th (Reporter Yu Wei) Recently, the Water Resources Minister Jiang Water Conservancy Committee organized fish proliferation and discharge activities in Danjiangkou Reservoir, and 150,000 tail premium fish layered in the library, add new strength to the reservoir fish family.

This move will further improve the water ecological environment in the reservoir area, in order to ensure the sustainable north to the North.It is understood that 13 kinds of fish species such as squid, squid, grassfish, blue fish, squid, Chinese poured, and grabbed, the squid, Chinese poured, and the teachings and other fish species were 3.25 million.Proliferation and discharge scale.

As of now, 170,000 tail fry, follow-up batch discharge activities will be arranged in a timely manner.

Since the completion of the Danjiangkou Reservoir Fish Proliferation Since 2017, the cumulative proliferation is 427,000 fish species.The proliferation station is a proliferation station that is the largest in China, the largest type, and has the largest proliferation and discharge type. The domestication and breeding facilities use a circulating water treatment system to implement a whole process genetic archive management.

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