25 years of best selling 27 countries, Childlife protects children’s health growth with strong brands

In recent years, the rise of scientific childcare concepts, more and more new generations of parents have recognized the importance of replenishment of nutrition for baby growth, and infant nutrients are very popular, and the industry has entered the expressway. This is like a double-edged sword, a large number of companies flood into this blue sea, and the market has emerged a variety of good brands, but it also makes the real quality brand stand out. The famous children’s nutrition brand Childlife is the head brand of infant nutrition products. Since its brand, it has always adhered to the health of the child’s life to lay a solid foundation, constantly brought a variety of high-quality products, with powerful The position of the brand is stationed in the industry, and it has become the best in the hearts of many consumers.

Figure: Childlife product drawings for more than 20 years, Childlife receives multiple affirmative brand influences continue to expand the best standards for inspection brands, distinguishabate some speculators who have seen the bonus grass in the bureau, CHildlife has worked in the industry More than 20 years.

The first product line can be traced back to 1997. Dr. Murri West Clark, founder, Clarke, found that he had an immune system defect, allergic, eczema, asthma, payment defect disorder, autism The number of patients suddenly increased. This has attracted his attention. After tireless research, he found that this is due to the incomplete child nutrition intake, making it caused by incomplete growth.

In order to better solve this problem from the source, Dr. Murri West Clark combines himself over the experience of pediatricians and various medical models, and explored a set of pure natural designs designed for infants. The formula, Childlife is born.

These nutritional supplements are easy to absorb, supplemented the lack of nutrient elements in children’s diet, and Dr. Murri West Clark uses only high quality, pure, no added, natural and effective ingredients, and to ensure that the formula is suitable for children It is assured to provide yourself and patients, and he also sent it to third-party testing laboratories.

Photo: Childlife founder Murri West Clark doctor’s confidence, CHILDLIFE, who has sold in 25 years, provides high-quality products for children in 27 countries and is widely acclaimed, and the development includes Forbes. Children’s Nutrition Award First Brand Award, NutraingRedientsus Annual Best Raw Material Award, etc. More international awards, more than 10 years after entering China, becoming the highest sales in infant nutrition products in Taobao / Tmall large e-commerce promotion Brand, I have gained a double affirmation of autonomous authority and consumer word of mouth. Constantly exploring the research and development, Childlife lays a solid foundation for children in health quality In addition to profound brands, Childlife has become a strong and reliable helper in more than 20 years. It is a strong research and development. Creativity. Since the birth of the brand, Childlife continuously improve the complete nutritional supplement product line of the 0-12-year-old boy, and the field of snacks, in the 2021 innovative release product line Childlifenutrition, launched a health and delicious super child nutrition song strange.

A total of 26 products in the dual-product line contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to make up for nutrients and environmental challenges in children’s diet. Residual, enhance the development of brains and assist body development and immune system maintenance. Figure: Childlife product map In the process of product development, Childlife knows the importance of safety and health. The ingredients of the whole line have no ingredients, freely-free ingredients, no transgenic biological components, do not add Artificial pigment, flavors, sweeteners, additives or filler, product pure, natural and safe, obtained multiple authoritative test certifications such as SGS, Otco and the Chief Physician of Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, China Nutrition Society Women and Child Nutrition Branch The retrieval of many professional physicians such as deputy director Sheng Xiaoyang, giving consumers to see the assured guarantee.

On this basis, Childlife also considers the child’s characteristics, improved from taste, taste and other aspects, and its products contain more fruit formulations and is mainly used in liquid form, and improve child love while improving nutrition is more likely to be absorbed. Select high quality natural raw materials to provide multiple nutrients required for healthy growth for children aged 0-12. The child grows rapidly, different stages of demand for various nutrients, such as Childlife founder Murri West Clark doctor said: In the current environment, only healthy and drinking pure water is no longer satisfied Children’s comprehensive and healthy growth needs.

Choosing a reliable and secure product can make a solid foundation for your baby’s life.

Future Childlife will continue to focus on the long-term development of the brand, pursue quality and innovation, increase product research and development, and pay attention to the healthy growth of children with the majority of consumers. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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