Cangzhou City in the first quarter net market players 11700

  This year, the city of Cangzhou in order to stimulate the vitality of the market, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation at the core, the main focus practical problems of market development, continue to deepen reform, innovation and institutional mechanisms, and create a more open, transparent and predictable business environment, and fully mobilize the whole society to innovation entrepreneurial passion, to promote the sustained and healthy development of market players, provide strong support for the city’s economic development.

A quarter, a net increase of the city’s main market target completion rate ranks second in the province, there is a main market of million, a net increase of million to complete% of the annual target; real-owned enterprises million, a net increase of million to complete % annual target. Continuing to enhance ease of start-up enterprises, stimulate the development of new market players vitality.

Cangzhou City on November 10, 2018 began, an orderly implementation of the "separate license," the first batch of reform. In advancing the work, Cangzhou City sort on the first batch of 106 specific issues and implementation. As of the end of March 2019, the city handled involving "separate license" reform matters 6655, which settles on notification 673, optimized access service 5982, benefiting a total of 5704 companies.

  Focus on providing enterprises and the public quality and efficient public services, strengthen the close cooperation enterprise registration department and the banking system, give full play to dense bank network distribution, and actively explore the "political money" cooperation model, extensive market players registered for free agency services activities to further promote the cultivation of market players, to facilitate the masses pioneering work to promote the market players quick access, to achieve the government, banks, businesses win-win cooperation.

Since August 1, 2018 opening of this business, 81 bank outlets charge d’affaires charge d’affaires total urban enterprise name approval, and other business enterprises to set up more than 3,000 pieces, greatly facilitated access to market players.

  Since March 1, 2019, Cangzhou City name of self-declared fully open reform.

In addition to matters involving pre-approval or business name and the business establishment registration is not unified registration authority, in principle, to implement enterprise name pre-approval, the applicant may choose the company name, the name of the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Hebei Province market authority portals and other platforms can be used after the declaration of independent, exclusive rights within the prescribed time limit range. Greatly reduced the business start-up time by one day previously gone through to minutes gone through.

(Reporter correspondent Wang Yanan Liu Xinyu).

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