Chinese Qiushing Duck sent a letter from Changbai Mountain to the world

Changbai Mountain Tiandi View.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Chang photo Dear friend: Hello! Grateful you to open this letter from China Jilin Changbai Mountain and floating birds. I am the Chinese autumn sand duck, and I am my house under Changbai Mountain.

My school name is the edible autumn sand duck. When I was first met with ecological scientists in China, I had this loud name – Chinese autumn sand duck. I am a national-level protected animal, and I am also the endangered species on earth. It is called birds living fossils. I am also known as the giant panda, and more precious than Yangzi crocodile.

As a species, I have a more long history than humans, is the "alive fossil" of black land and "business card" in Changbai Mountain.

March Spring, my father and mother returned to the beautiful Changbai Mountain from Jiangnan, Changbai Mountain is the largest autumn sand duck in my country, Dad and Mom are in the shore of the white river. They fall into the love river here, then produce eggs in the nest of old green.

At the beginning of May, under the call of the brothers and sisters, they jumped from the ten-meter-high tree nest, completed the first time of life, and opened a new world.

I am playing with brothers and sisters in the clear river in Changbai Mountain. I learned to avoid the natural enemies, learn to fly, etc. When the first powder in Changbai Mountain, when the father and mother were accompanied, we were in a love to leave Changbai Mountain, migrating to Jiangnan to spend the winter. Nest in the tree, habitively in the stream, prosperous, south, and we have survived more than 1 million years on the earth. I am a Chinese autumn sand duck, I am very proud, because I am born, I am extremely picky water quality, so I actively "ecological test strips" heavy, becoming an important indication species of the water ecological environment.

However, there are people who have perched, they are exempting ecological environments, my "reason" has become my advantage, and the Jiangnan River Lake is frequently invited to us.

Today, in the winter, Changbai Mountain’s growth of the Chinese Autumn Sand Duck in Jiangnan, writes a large environmental and ecological natural chapter. Duck elders told me that, in the past, our old trees where Changbai Mountain living in Changbai Mountain were cut down. After the spring flew back to Changbai Mountain, I couldn’t find the nest.

No family, how can I love, duck groups slowly reduce.

After the establishment of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, there were not many old Youth Yang, and the protector became our loved ones. However, 树 巢 无 求 求 求 求 求. 一……………. 一……… 人….. Comfortable warm artificial nest is a "love property" that loved on our creation. Since then, the number of ducks has increased year by year, and Changbai Mountain can continue to "water quality monitoring" in the water area of ??Jiangnan. I am the Chinese autumn sand duck, I am still the watchman of the Changbai Mountain. Linhai, Changbai Mountain, is a green and humans watching green.

As the unique rare wild animals in East Asia, we live in the waters of Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, this is our luck, there is a full-time protection and scientific research team, there is a scientific protection plan, there is a full range of monitoring systems … Changbai Mountain It is my forever, there is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. Here is the world’s most beautiful snow resource – powder snow, there is a broad original forest here … Here the beasts perched, thousands of birds bidding.

"The millennium snow is unrequited, and the first peak in the world." This is also ancient people to describe the verses of Changbai Mountain.

Jilin Changbai Mountain has the most representative vegetation and species of the Earth Northern Ball, from the mountain to the top, vertical height of more than 2000 meters, concentrated from the northern temperature to the Arctic area.

Under the appeal of a group of perspective scientists, Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve was approved on April 18, 1960.

This is the first realistic natural protected area in China. It has the meaning of milestones, not only in the knife ax, but also has the journey of China’s natural protected area, but also opens the journey of China’s nature reserve. It also creates a good environment for our duck’s prisoners.

In 1979, Changbai Mountain Reserve joined the World Biosphere Reserve Network.

Today, it has become the world famous "Ecological Museum" and "species gene library", or has international significant A-level nature reserve, and there is one of 28 environmental monitoring points worldwide. My home has not only rich natural resources and the majestic scenery, but also has a lot of history and culture, Changbai Mountain is listed "China Top Ten Mountain", and has a three major cultural holy mountains in China with Kunlun Mountain, Taishan. Sacred, mysterious, magical, let countless Chinese and foreign people "heart".

I love Damei Changbai Mountain, I love my home under Changbai Mountain.

2020 is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve.

In the past 60 years, the three generations of protector, the wind, the wind, climbing ice snow, the food is sleeping, in the vast China-day day and night tour, walk through Changbai Mountain, the mountain water, the groove, the cumulative inspection mileage is more than 40 million kilometers, can be around The earth is 1000 laps, with a bipple "iron feet", use the "Thousand Miles" with strong practice, using experience into "live map". The Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone Management Committee has been established has been more than ten years. Changbai Mountain’s protection career mounted a new level.

This is the responsibility of Jilin people and is also proud of Changbai Mountain.

Today, 11 protection management stations in Changbai Mountain Reserve basically "bird gun replacement gun", build a strong building, access the national grid, improve the work environment, and the electricity appliances.

The past tasks, just let the forest don’t catch fire, vegetation is not destroyed. Today, scientific research and ecological protection are closely linked to enabling modern technology to manage forests to monitor biological species.

The hardware conditions have changed, but the initial heart does not change, protect the performance of the performance, and a shot of green in this mountain has become the most beautiful primary color on the Chinese map. The mountain is good, this is my life concept, and it is also the most elegant ecological concept of Changbai Mountain. In recent years, Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve firmly establishes the belief of "protection first", insists on walking green development, actively carrying out key work such as ecological protection and forest fire prevention, and has a comprehensive protection of biodiversity in the region, and ecological benefits have been fully utilized. .

Spring grove forest frog, Xia Kawei, autumn sake seeds, winter guards, protected areas gradually return to the Tiger Tiger, Lu Ming Mountain Valley, fish Xiang, Yunfei Yingxiang’s scene, a big beauty The ecological scroll is being slowly launched.

Nature protects in the duck family’s reproduction, there is no, if there is no protection of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, our Chinese Qiusha Duck may only be a picture on the class, like the dinosaur, relying on the network search Awareness. Everything is derived from the strength and credit of Changbai Mountain, for the tomorrow of this mountain, for the rare creatures in this mountain, we are closely linked, I am with Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain and creatures are life community.

Changbai Mountain is the home of Chinese autumn sand duck, and we are also a child in Changbai Mountain and is grouped. I am a happy Chinese autumn sand duck, I am a happy Chinese autumn sand duck. I live in the green mountains of the green mountains, I am in the era of people and natural harmonious symbiosis.

I sincerely, I sincerely invited everyone to see the Changbai Mountain. This is a special invitation. I believe that I, Changbai Mountain’s Zhong Lingxiu, my sincere enthusiasm is that you come to Changbai Mountain Good reason! Please take a drunk high-speed rail, enjoy the big beauty, Bai Mountain, feel the Jilin restraint, and enjoy the Chinese best river mountain.

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