Chengdu Qingbaijiang: New scene new gameplay releases Wenbao consumption potential

During the "May 1st" holiday, Chengdu Qingbaijiang District Wenxiao has a good order, safe and orderly, a total of tourists, a year-on-year growth, reach a year-on-year growth, and the growth rate of Delta, and the Potential of Wenbao consumption is further released.

Chengxiang Ancient Town Chengxin Par With the opening of the first phase of Chengxiafu Culture Ancient Town, "May 1" small holiday, Chengxiang Town ushered in the peak of tourism.

Chengxiang Hall, Deng Gong Building, Anti-Japanese War Monument Monument, Embroidery Academy, Wu Temple, etc., with a new perspective to showcase cultural and red culture, bring tourists to visitors.

On the morning of May 1st, the embroidery college was officially opened, and visitors wanted to see the new style of the old Academy in front of the book in the morning. "My elementary school is reading here, I haven’t come in more than 30 years, and I am so beautiful now.

"A middle-aged man said with emotion. The man named Zheng Yong, Chengxiang, after graduation, graduated in Chongqing, rarely returned to my hometown.

I heard that the ancient town open, special and wife came back together. "I have been to many ancient town, the embroidery college in the ancient town of the city, and the martial arts is very suitable for the way to take pictures of Hanfu." The young guy Zhang Yang said.

On the same day, he and friends were in Hanfu to come to Chengxiang Town Towers, and the ancient architecture and profound historical culture make them linger. It is understood that during the "May 1st" period, the city accommodation is more than 40,000 visitors.

The rural tourism is located in Wuzhu Court on the edge of the National Highway 108 National Road (Yao Vendor), which has become one of the good places around Chengdu. On the morning of May 4, several cars were taken from National Highway 108, came to Wuzhu Court, which was 9 people from Chengdu City. Into the Wuyuan, basketball court, duckling, boxing farm … every time let the boys cheered. Go, Zhang Jia Tuan Tang and Wu Cultural Exhibies, let adults and children are interested in.

"Worried about congestion, we don’t have a distance, and three people play with the surroundings.

There is a play, there is a vast tourist spot. "Mr. Li," Mr. Li said. Miyu Town Baima Village "Good wine is not afraid of the lane."

In recent years, a rural hot pot, firewood, soil 鳝, cow caffeine, built by Baima Village, has long been the leisure place to "delicious mouth" in the area.

"May 1" small holiday, here ushered in the peak of tourists. "We don’t go to the famous attractions, come here, come here. Drink coffee under the bamboo forest, eat firewood in the farmhouse, so life is too awesome." The last Miss from Xindu said.

In addition, Xinghua Village, Shanghewan Forest Pan (expensive), the windmill of the flower, my idyllic, windmill coffee, etc. are also very popular.

During the holiday, the rural tourism in the Qingbaijiang District received 10,000 visitors.

Rapid growth in Cultural spending such as accommodation, catering, entertainment. During the "May 1st" period, the cultural activity is very hot, the CTV Qingbaijiang International Music Festival invites Zhang Xinzhe, Li Si Dan, Zhou Chuan Xiong, Ji Minjia and other artists, the music of all kinds of songs, etc., the port of Chengdu International Railway, attracting fans Ten thousand people; use the shake platform to carry out online broadcast, simultaneously watch more than 3 million online, the relevant information is more than 8 million. As the international immersive experience cluster under the new consumption scene, the Yurong European National (Commodity) pavilion shows special venues, French red wine, Italian leather, New Zealand The products such as Kazakhstan carpet are on the other one, and become a new place for tourists’ consumption shopping. During the "May 1" period, the Yurong European National (Commodity) is attracted to tourists.

(Zou Shijin).

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