Cultivate construction of international consumer center urban Chongqing plans to build 2 world-class business districts

On November 12th, the "Chongqing Municipal Cultivation Construction International Consumer Center City Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Plan") was officially announced on the same day. "Implementation Plan" proposed that by 2025, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the city exceeded trillion yuan. "Implementation Plan" is clear, by 2025, Chongqing network retail sales exceeds 200 billion yuan, and built 2 world-class business districts, 10 high-quality business districts, 100 special name Street name and several merchant cultivation The collector area, basically built the radiation west, "all the way" Global, with global influence, competitiveness, and reputational international consumer center city.

Peng He Liang, deputy director of the Municipal Commission, said, "Implementation Plan", is to propose "Ten Projects", specific 40 tasks. First, international consumer carrier improvement project, clearly build a central business district, speed up the construction of the International New City, Jindi Construction Jiefangbei, Guanyin Bridge and other internationally renowned business districts, transfer upgrade magnetic port and other international consumption special name Street name Names, focus on building high-end, perfect, reasonable layout, and highlights of international consumer space. The second is the international consumer resource collection project, to speed up the gathering of the quality market, internationally renowned consumption brands, build a global configuration hub, accelerate the construction of the global quality market, preferably, internationally renowned brands, international quality services lead the land. The third is the growth of the goods and cultivation of the goods, including the development of the national brand of Chongqing, serving the country, and the global national brand, revitalizing the old name of the Baba, excavating the new connotation of the creation of the creation. The fourth is the special service brand shaping project, through the integration of the characteristic elements such as Chongqing historical culture, folk customs, ecological beauty, building world-renowned tourism destinations, world food capital, international ecological recruitment, outdoor sports preferred destination and western cultural consumption Highland.

Fifth, digital consumption integration innovation projects, such as promoting physical consumption digital transformation, service consumption digitalization, consumption platform digital communication, enrich digital consumption service new business, driving consumer iteration upgrade.

Sixth is the internationalization of international exhibition, including internationalization, specialization of the development of the exhibition, expanding the influence of international events such as Chongqing International Marathon, enriching the "Night Chongqing Life Festival" "China (Chongqing) Hot Pot Gourmet Culture Festival" Festival activities. 7 is the international channel energy level improvement project, such as playing the advantages of Lu Hai New Channel, China-European class, etc. Eight is the international domestic exchange and cooperation project, including deepening international urban exchanges and regional cooperation, building a central and western regional international consumption destination, and promoting the new pattern of regional consumption linkage development.

Nine is the international consumption environment optimization project, through improving service level, smooth transportation network, optimizing urban form, improving community business district, and continuously improving international consumption environment security, operator integrity and consumer satisfaction. Ten is the consumption mechanism strengthening project, such as optimizing the expansion of open policy, optimizing the international business environment, increase the support of fiscal and taxes, finance, land, talent, improve the level of supervision service, strengthen global marketing promotion, explore the construction of international consumption system.

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