Do not eat carbohydrates? Unhealthy! Scientific weight loss should be eaten

People have a preference for sweetness, but the girls who love beauty are always worried that they will eat fat.

Recently, sugar-free beverages occupy the super "C bit", known as zero sugar calorie, and let the people are full of "psychological responsibility". Can a sugar-free beverage be "open to drink"? I want to scientifically reduce sugar and lose sugar, keep the perfect body need to pay attention to what? Natural sugar and its "replacement goods" Chinese disease prevention and control center nutrition and health student nutrition chamber Zhang Qian, "Sweet Settle" in a sugar-free beverage refers to there is no natural sugar in it, sweet taste is sweet The flavor brought.

Natural sugar is a carbohydrate, including monosaccharide, double sugar, polysaccharide. When the sweetness of the food is not attractive, people add some sweeteners during the food processing.

Sweeteners also have natural and artificial points – such as licorice, sugar in Rohangui is natural sweetener.

The earliest useful artificial sweetener is a saccharin, and it will be more and more. At present, there are more than 10 kinds of artificial sweeteners that have been used in my country, such as sweet, Aspes, Trichlorosa, Anse honey, etc., are generologically synthetic macromolecules.

"If the sweetness is grade the sweetness, the sucrose is dessert, the sweetness of fructose is only around the sweetness of the glucose. The artificial sweetener is sweeter, usually three or fortie times, some can reach Better thousand times, put a little bit of a little.

Zhang Qian said.

Zhang Qian introduced that artificially synthetic sweeteners may be pretty, and the taste is quite, even bitter. In order to ensure good taste, the various sweeteners on the market are usually used, such as sodium sweet and saccharide.

Sweeteners deceive our nerves, improve the sweetness threshold "China Resident Denual Guide (2016)" recommended adults to add sugar intake per day without more than 50 grams, it is best to control below 25 g, sugar intake control 10% below the total energy intake.

In my country, usually 100 ml sugar-containing beverages contains approximately 10 grams, and low-sugary beverages generally do not exceed 5 grams.

"This amount is not big, but people don’t know how to drink a bottle of 500 ml of drinks, then the intake of sugar is easy to exceed the safety specified value.

"Sino-Japanese Friendly Hospital Nutrition Director Shi Wei said that there is these problems with sugar drinks. Is there a problem with artificial sweeteners? Shi Wei introduced, sweetener is much higher than natural sugar, originally drink sugar beverage I want to pursue health, but often drinking sweet drinks is actually improving my sweetness threshold. It may not be able to satisfy the sweetness of white sugar, and I will seek some sweet, salty, spicy when choosing food. Taste, the taste of a long time will increase, then increase the energy of intake, and will eventually lead to a series of risks such as obesity.

After intake of sugar, our systems will naturally mobilize, and islet start to secrete insulin. The sugar is digested into a monosaccharide for human body utilization, excess sugar is converted into glycolor or fat storage in vivo.

Zhang Qian introduced that research abroad found that artificial sweeteners may affect the normal reaction of the human body to blood sugar.

In recent years, there are some animal research, and cytology research believes that artificial sweeteners may also adversely affect intestinal flora.

Cultivating children’s youth health food habits, parents should choose natural ingredients, there are primary and secondary school students, college students, especially those who have just ended college entrance examination to lose weight.

Shi Yan introduced that these children have much eaten, small, often drinking sweet beverages is a common reason for them to obese. "Clinically, some children have not memorable memory. It is easy to smoothing in class, and it is not concentrated. It is currently a big cause.

(Obesity) is caused by sugar or caused by fat, and there is currently no conclusion. Stone, the habit of children’s youth is from small-scale, parents play a very important role in their habits.

Parents should let children experience the natural food, choose natural ingredients, do not add more sweet, salty taste, etc. "It often drinks a sugar drink or sugar drink. The child’s taste will change, and it will tend to eat sweet dessert when drinking sweet drinks. Slowly fruit, long time will have a risk of caries and obesity.

"Shi Hao said. For drinks, Shi Hao said that Bai Shuo is the best choice." Some people love to drink sweet drinks, nothing more than thinking that the boiled water does not taste.

This situation can choose to drink some faint tea.

For health people, drink 5 grams of tea every day, now flush, tea has fragrance, let the water taste, can also take tea polyphenol, it is good for the body. "Some people are worried that drinking tea affects sleep, Shi Hao suggests drinking some flower tea, such as rose tea, chrysanthemum tea. Stone 劢 reminder, some sugar beverages contain carbonated, such as no sugar cola, will affect the body’s absorption, children The height and skeletal development will be affected. In addition, carbonated gas, especially in the summer, it will snoring, and the people who have gastroesophageal reflux may have reflux, aggravate the burns of the esophagus, special Strong discomfort.

A specific risk group should be circumvented. I want to eat slim and healthy "to reduce sweets, sweet drinks, and sugar, etc., it is worth suggesting, but many young people chasing ‘hypoglycemic sose’ is basically achieved by do not eat staple food. Do not eat Carbohydrate is not a healthy lifestyle, and the sink should be reduced to add sugar intake, rather than reducing carbohydrates.

Zhang Qian said.

"I have lived on this land for thousands of years, and our genes have adapted to this food diverse, grain-based meal structure.

"Zhang Qian introduced that some people live in foreign countries for a while, in a large number of high-fat, high-protein food, will be quickly and fat." Changed the risk of diet, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and tumors will increase rapidly. . We still have to ensure appropriate Guga intake, allowing the intake of carbohydrate to 50% ~ 65% of the total dietary energy. "Zhang Qian suggested classified measures: eat more natural, containing polysaccharide, dietary fiber In terms of popularity, it is not easy to digest food, such as miscellaneous grains, successes, rich dietary fiber, etc. These food sugar index is relatively low, but pay attention to reasonable cooking, such as cooking, do not fry. Drink more milk, the milk contains lactose, the sweetness is relatively low, and the comprehensive utilization is better.

Eat a natural mensite, highlight, and sweet fruit. These foods are relatively easy to increase blood sugar, can’t eat too much at a time.

Fish poultry meat eggs and other foods should be in place with the Gug potato.

These foods are rich in high-quality proteins, on the other hand, high fat content, long-term eating easily caused energy to exceed the standard, causing obesity.

Everyone can also eat some nuts.

Some fine processed foods such as biscuits, potato chips, cakes, although there are natural carbohydrates, but contain more adding sugar, and usually the salt and oil are also high, to control intake, such as one Eat once. Contains sugar beverage, candy class, mainly to add sugar, it is recommended to eat less or less. "In fact, the control of weight is not only to control the intake of carbohydrate, and whether the total energy intake is exceeded.

In addition to controlling add sugar, it is necessary to achieve a variety of food, so that it can achieve health and control weight.

Zhang Qian said. Zhongqing report · Zhongqing Net reporter Zhang Manyu.

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