Digital Culture Zhongguancun 2021 starts to create digital economic innovation "Haidian Model"

People’s Network Beijing September 15 (Dong Zairui) This morning, Digital Culture Zhongguancun 2021 press conference was held. It is understood that the activity is hosted by the Ministry of Publicity Department of Haidian District Committee, Beijing, China, with the theme of "cultivating the number, Zhi Chuang for the future", in seminaries, exhibitions, activities, events, four major sections, negotiation, negotiation, transactions, etc. More than ten key activities, strive to create innovative leaders, digital transformation, and open digital economic innovation "Haidian Model", establish a digital cultural brand in Haidian District. What highlights will be in Digital Culture Zhongguancun 2021? According to reports, based on the "Zhongguancun Digital Culture Industry International Summit" "Beijing International Game Innovation Conference" and other activities, the top "Knowpers" and "Wise" in the field of aggregate, jointly explore hot topics, and conduct in-depth development, Pay Attention to Digital Culture Frontier Trends and Industrial Development Direction.

With the "Digital Cultural Equipment Experience" "Asia Digital Art Exhibition" "Zhongguancun Innovation Cultural Exhibition" "Zhongguancun Science City (Haidian District) Planning Exhibition" "Sanshan Wulong Culture Exhibition" "Haidian · Future Citizen Plan Digital Exhibition" Exhibition sector, injection of technology power into the field, expand the art border, covering a number of latest technology, intelligent equipment, interactive technology, cultural performance, theme entertainment, digital media and other top enterprises, bringing together national, overseas digital cultural classics Digital culture in the deep foundation of Haidian.

Among them, the digital cultural equipment experience focuses on digital cultural advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology, surrounding the fields around performing art, film, music, game electrical competition, digital display, inviting international domestic leading cultural equipment enterprises, immersive facilities, unmanned intelligence Tour, wearable equipment, intelligent terminals and other advanced equipment and advanced technology for publication and display; Zhongguancun Innovation Culture Exhibition has exhibited four major inventions in Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun, the theme of "cultural roots, innovation soul" – Lenovo Hanka , Four-way typewriter, five-stroke input method, Fang Zheng Chinese character system, Tsinghua University in the world around "new ecology, new kinetic energy", is involved in the world’s first hour to detect 6 viral kits and Kuixing creatures all kinds of vaccine products The products of the anti-vloys enterprises in the field of biomedicine, etc .; with the new Haidian story as the main line, through the urban preface, enter Haidian, new cities, foresee the future sects to describe Zhongguancun Science City (Haidian District) Planning Exhibition of Haidian Story The first sci-fi script is connected in series, the entire technology interaction immersed Haidian · Future Citizen Plan Digital Exhibition. In addition, in Zhongguancun digital music, Zhongguancun dance drama, Beijing International Music Industry Conference, Digital Bookstore, Digital Living Festival, Technology to Northern Digital Innovation Festival, Domestic and Health A series of themes such as scenes, a variety of themes, a colorful feature to form a movable sector, through new technologies such as digital technology, artificial intelligence, highlight China Guancun elements, understanding and walking into digital culture, consumer digital cultural construction platform. At that time, the exciting special event will be opened to all walks of life, and the public will feel the charm of digital culture from zero distance.

Among them, Zhongguancun digital music activities showed the characteristics of Haidian digital music industry in the form of digital music plus technology, and creating the first Zhongguancun Digital Music Shan Street. Online Zhongguancun Electronic One Street City Sampling Electronic Map, Zhongguancun Digital Music Carnival Voice Conference, etc .; The Digital Life Festival creates a "scientific, scene, brand, experience" four-dimensional blending room, and delivers the new business concept of "retail + technology" to consumers, broaden the new borders of the current lifestyle in innovation and inheritance; Digital bookstore settled Haidian; science and technology integrating industries, humanities, sports, etc. At the same time, with the "2021VRES E-sports International Competition", there is a charter section of the characteristics, international characteristics activities, and international characteristics.

Formed a bloody hard work, the young intersteous electrical culture, continuously transporting energy for the development of the construction of electrical industry in Beijing. Zhang Jinlin, the Standing Committee of Haidian District Committee, Minister of Propaganda, said that Haidian District will be created through digital cultural center of Zhongguancun 2021 benchmarking activities, and continuously absorb the pioneering power of digital cultural industries, from collaborative innovation, integration development, optimization and upgrade three latitude, continue to promote digital technology The same frequency resonance with the cultural industry, allowing the results of digital cultural industry to accelerate, and promote high quality development in the cultural industry.

At the same time, through rich and colorful digital music, digital exhibitions, digital experiences, the art creation is continuously promoted, promoting the sharing of digital cultures, and the cultural gain of the people in high quality culture, and the sense of happiness.

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