A total of more than 1.67 million yuan! Ding’an County People’s Court launched an implementation of the case centralized issuance

On November 18th, the national court implemented a case centralized release day event officially launched, and the Ding’an County People’s Court settled in the same venue, and the on-site was 116.7 million yuan for 7 applicants. Feng Fei, member of the Party Committee of Ding’an County People’s Court, presided over the venue activity, the county people’s congress, the CPPCC member, the lawyer representative, the news media representative, etc. Invited to witness the implementation of the issuance process.

The implementation case issuance involves seven executive executives to apply for executives, and has a total of 10,000 yuan, and the nucleus is carried out in a legal period.

At the event, the executive police confirmed the applicant’s identity information, and carefully combed the nuclear paid account, and guided the applicant in an orderly manner to receive the case, and the finance was issued on the line.

The entire issue process is in an orderly manner, accurate.

"Thank you judge! The work implementation efficiency of the court is good. It is good for the people.

"Apply for the executive executor of the implementation of the case," "The event is to better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the people, optimize the rule of law, and show the judicial assignment of the court, hope that the court will continue to work harder and continue to build Beautiful new security contribution.

"The county political association Deng Xian said.

Since this year, the Ding’an County People’s Court adheres to the combination of political and legal team education and "I do practical things to do practical things for the masses", actively transforming judicial work style, constantly improving quality ability, effectively solving negative implementation, delaying execution, and performing quality and efficiency Highlight problems, effectively guarantee the winners of the people in actual actions. Up to now, Ding’an County People’s Court accepted 1250 implement cases, 890, and implemented case-controlled rates, and property can be implemented within the statutory period of the case. The first case without property is available for implementation The pass rate is 100%. Good results have achieved good results.

Next, the Ding’an County People’s Court will continue to focus the "urgent expensive" problem of the people in implementing work, continuously increase the implementation, improve the performance work, and insist on putting the service the masses in the first place, use the execution to deliver the judicial temperature Effectively enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness and sense of security.

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