Can the first domestic "new crown" special medicine could respond to O’K戎?

Original title: Can the first domestic "new crown" special medicine could respond to O’K戎? What is the price? How does production capacity? China’s first autonomous intellectual property new crown virus neutral and antibody joint therapy drug has received emergency approval in China.

What is the price? How does production capacity? Can you deal with O’K? These issues have responded at the Junchuang Pharmaceutical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tengsheng Huachuang Medicine Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd..

Luo Yongqing, the CEO, Zhu Yongqing, said at the 9th, the approved 3-phase clinical trial based on ACTIV-2 supported by the US National Health Research Institute (NIH), including 847 patients with group patients. Mid-term and final results. The final result shows that compared with placebo, Anbavir monoclock / Romiwei single anti-combined therapy has reduced the hospitalization and death risk of clinical progress high-risk new crown clinic (78% medium results), with statistics Learn significant. As of 28 days of clinical end, the treatment group was zero death, while the placebo group had 9 deaths, and its clinical safety is superior to the placebo group.

At the same time, regardless of the early start of the treatment (within 5 days after the symptoms) or the late stage began to accept the subject, the hospitalization and mortality of the hospitalization and mortality within 6 to 10 days of symptoms were significantly reduced, which provided a new crown patient. Long treatment window period. He pointed out that the current in vitro chimeric virus experimental test data shows that the new crown monoclonal and antibody Arabir monoclum / Romiwei single anti-combined therapy is maintained in the main SARS-COV-2 variabrants that are widely concerned. Activity, including: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Ipson, Delta, Delta +, Ramda and. Regarding whether the O’Kki variants currently affects the effect of neutralizing antibody therapy, Luo Yongqing responded that the company’s worldwide laboratory is undergoing related experiments. "The results will be seen in the next two weeks, we are right The drug is confident. "The problem of paying attention is the chief financial officer of Tengsheng Pharma," It can be determined that the price of each US agent is $ 2100.

In China, it is still in discussing orders and supplies with the government, which will be related to pricing, so China’s price has not been determined.

"He pointed out that the price herein refers to the government procurement price. As for production capacity, Luo Yongqing clearly said that it is currently a pharmaceutical organism in production, and this company has huge capacity, so don’t worry about production. About channel issues, He will be divided into two, one is a national strategic reserve; a piece of daily consumption will follow the regular prescription drug channels.

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