Chinese Writers Association of Chemical Profile

Chinese Writers Association, referred to as the Chinese chemical industry Chemical Writers Association, a professional association under the leadership of China Chemical Industry Federation of Literary and Art, is a national mass organizations of the national chemical industry professional and amateur literary workers, under the guidance of the Chinese Writers Association in the business. China Chemical Writers Association, founded in 1997, a total of more than 300 members of absorption, in which the Chinese Writers Association, 11, is Chairman of your money Yu, Executive Chairman Liu Pengkai, Secretariat is located in Jiangsu black pine adhesives plant Limited.

Association publication "black pine literature." China Chemical Writers Association since its establishment, has organized four large-scale literary publishing activities, compiling large-scale documentary literature "China Chemical Tale", "China’s chemical library outstanding literary works," first, second, third series, total more than 500 million words. Honorary Chairman of China’s chemical structure Writers Association: Wen Hung Wan-fu to the Chairman: Qian Yu expensive executive chairman: Liu Pengkai Vice Chairman: Zhou Xun Feng Libo Wang Zhonghua Li Baolin Guo Li Gang China Chemical Writers Association constitution General Provisions Article Writers Association is China Chemical national mass organizations of the national chemical industry professional and amateur literary workers. The second Chinese Chemical Writers Association is a professional association under the China Federation of Literary and Art Chemical leadership, under the guidance of the Chinese Writers Association in the business. The direction of the third China Chemical Writers Association to comply with the laws and decrees of the Constitution and the government adhere to the basic line of the Party, adhere to the "Three Represents", adhere to the literary "serving the people and socialism" and "Liu flowers put the Flowers "approach, unite and organize workers in the chemical literature fronts, committed to the development of the cause of socialist literature chemical system, and promote socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, outstanding personnel work for the prosperity and development of the socialist literary contribution. Chapter II Membership Article 4 Whoever engages in the chemical literature production system, in favor of the constitution, published literary works published with a certain level of theoretical research, translations were, by his application, the two members introduced by the authorized by the council Chairman or Vice-Chairman to participate in the work of the Conference secretariat consideration and approval, that is, members of this association. Article Where in favor of the constitution, and there are chemical companies and literary societies Writers Association considerable number of members of this association, etc., apply to this Council to consider approval of the council, this is the group members.

Members of the obligations of Article VI 🙁 a) abide by the constitution; (b) the implementation of this resolution, the task of the commissioned; (c) maintain regular contact with the Council, the creation of information communication; (iv) to pay their contributions on time . Article VII of the rights of members 🙁 a) to participate in the relevant activities; (b) vote and be elected in the Council; (c) of this recommendation will have the right and the right to criticize; (d) enjoy the various provisions of the Council seed treatment; (e) the right to request the Council to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its copyright and other laws or by negotiation shall be inviolable; (f) freedom of withdrawal. Article VIII members of this association as a serious violation of the constitution or illegal, violate the law, approved by the Council by, stop or cancel their membership.

The third chapter IX scope of activities organization members to carry out various types of literary creation, encourage and help members into life to create. Article X adhere to the "two for" direction and "double hundred" policy; improve quality awareness, the implementation of quality strategy; promote diversification theme, genre, form, free competition in a variety of styles, genres. Article XI discovering and developing chemical industry creation, review, editing, translation of the new force, development and growth of the chemical industry literature team. Article XII efforts to run this literary journal will belong to continuously improve the quality of publications. Article 13 The establishment of literary awards, the organization works of literature awards. Article XIV established literary base, holding various literary seminars, training and research activities. Article XV accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws and regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, guarantee the freedom of Member decent and literary activities. Chapter fourth organization and responsibilities of the highest authority of Article XVI of the Association’s Congress of China’s chemical Writers Association. Congress implemented by the member representatives around the composition, held every five years, if necessary by the council decided in advance or postpone the meeting. 🙁 duty is a) election of the Council; (b) hear and consider the work report and financial report of the Council; (iii) amend the constitution; (iv) to discuss and decide on other important matters.

Seventeenth of the Council by the governing Congress elected for a term of five years and may be re-elected. The Council meets every two years in advance or postpone the meeting if necessary.

🙁 resolution of their duties is a) an executive member of Congress; (ii) elect the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, deputy secretary-general; (iii) leading the intersessional work of members of Congress, to discuss and decide on major issues ; (d) the development of this program of work; the next session of Congress (V) organized. Article 18 Council session, the Secretary-General will preside over the daily work with the President, Vice-Chairmen. Under the authority of the Council, the Secretary-General will be convened by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman to participate in the work of the Conference Secretariat, will deal with this major conference.

Honorary positions may be necessary during this Article 19, including honorary chairman, consultant and honorary members.

Specific candidates to be proposed by the President or the Council, members of Congress by. Chapter V Supplementary Provisions Article XX China Chemical Writers Association of Writers in short, the Secretariat anchored Jiangsu black pine adhesives plant Limited. Article XXI of the funds origin 🙁 a) China Chemical Industry Federation of appropriations; (b) Membership fees; (iii) corporate sponsorship; (d) other legitimate income. Article 22 of the Constitution by the Council will be responsible for the interpretation.

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