China Space Station opened someone long-term resident era

 The desert Gobi autumn is like wine, and the gorgeous Hu Yang will send Shenzhou.

Shenzhou No. 13 manned spacecraft on the 16th of the Long March No. 2 F-thirteenth launch rocket to lit the fire, starting my country’s longest manned flight, astronaut Qi Zhi Gang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu successfully in Tianhe At the core cabin, some people in China have reached a long time.

  This is the 21st flight task since the implementation of my country’s manned space engineering project, and the second-person flight task in the spatial station stage. At 0:23, the milky white long march rocket ignited, and the bears burned the tailed satellite in the middle of the night. This is the first time of the Long March 2 F carry rocket to transfer from the emergency backup state to normal emission. There is a "god arrow", the F carry-on rocket is the only manned carrier in my country. It has taken the launch mode of "launching 1 hair, backup 1" and "scrolling backup" this year. It means that the future " Two times of launch "will become normal.

  After about 582 seconds, the ship was successfully separated.

The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center announced that Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft entered the booking track, the flight passenger is in good condition, and the launch has been a complete success. Since June 17th, it is 4 months in just 4 months, and the center is sent to Shenzhou Fei Tian, ??which is the first time in the history of manned space engineering in China. This is just the beginning, 2022, Shenzhou 14 and Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft will also step on space journey from here. At this time, the days and core cabins and Tianzhou No. 2, Tianzhou No. 3 combination are deeply waiting for the family.

After arrival on April 29, the sky and core cabins stably in the railway operation, the functionality is normal, and the equipment is in good condition.

  At 6:56, Shenzhou spacecraft uses independent fast rendezvous and docking mode, docking with the sky and core cabilting ports, with the previously docked Tianzhou No. 2, Tianzhi No. 3 freight space to form four cabins (boat) assemblies, the whole The rendezvous docking process has been about time. This is the first radial rendezvous and docking of my country’s manned spacecraft implemented in space, that is, the interface and docking of the interface and the space station through the sky and core compartments.

    After the opening of the day and core cabin, the first person in China’s space, the first "Space Teacher" Wang Yaping, the first time, the flight of space, Ye Guangfu successfully entered the day and opened a 6-month space life. 6 months, will also become a normalization resident period of astronauts during the operation period of China Space Station.

  Building a Chinese own space station is the third step in China’s "three steps" strategy, in 2010, currently entered a critical period of the construction of the space station. The space station is divided into two phases of the key technical verification and space station construction in rail construction.

Shenzhou No. 13 mission is the battle against the winner of the spatial station, the battle of the closing, and the critical battle of the space station before the rail construction process.

  God arrow, Tianhe, the sky. From no one flight to the manned flight, from the inside of the cabin to space, from one person to many people to stay in a long time … China Manned Space One Steps A footprints steadily advanced toward the development strategy developed before 29 years ago.

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