Diabetes can be reversed it (doctors Auditorium)

Original title: Diabetes can be reversed it (doctors Auditorium) Diabetes is still a lifelong disease can not be cured. If the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, in theory it is impossible to reverse.

However, doctors can take effective measures to delay the onset of diabetes at high risk, even for life without disease; may also have been diagnosed with diabetes delay the onset of complications, even life away from complications. The study found that early, diabetes type 2 patients with high body weight by strengthening the dietary intervention, after a significant improvement in body weight, metabolic parameters (including blood glucose, etc.) can gradually return to normal, the condition is achieved clinical remission, some patients may even need to use for many years Hypoglycemic agents. In this sense, diabetes can achieve part of the "reversal", allowing patients to achieve a higher quality of life. In general, there are eight kinds of diabetic pathophysiology, wherein there are two major pathological mechanism core.

One is defective or islet cell function decline, leading to inadequate or lack of insulin secretion, is common in type 1 diabetes clinic. Another is insulin resistance, resulting in reduced efficiency of insulin, the body can be understood as insensitive to insulin, mainly seen in clinical type 2 diabetes.

The prevalence of diabetes in the population, the number of patients with type 2 diabetes nearly 90%, type 1 diabetes accounts for about 5%. Although the pathogenesis of diabetes is complex, but most diabetes patients, especially patients with type 2 diabetes, predisposing factors is quite clear.

For example, high-calorie food intake too much, but do not love sports; obesity; smoking, drinking and other bad habits and lifestyle. Further, with age, the body is getting worse β-cell function, insulin resistance and heavier.

There are some of these predisposing factors can not be controlled, such as age and genetic factors, but there are many factors that can intervene and control, such as poor lifestyle. "Pipe shut, stride leg" can help prevent diabetes and even reverse early diabetes.

  Pre-diabetes can not be regarded people with diabetes, but high blood sugar than the general population. If this time to intervene, you will receive good results. Pre-diabetic population in general do not take medicine, through lifestyle intervention, most can be restored to normal state. Part of the new hair, has been diagnosed with diabetes duration is not long, especially obese people, through reasonable lifestyle intervention, especially after weight loss, diabetes, the disease disappeared. Some patients can even insulin and hypoglycemic drugs are stopped, and maintained for a considerable period of time. Over 40 years the best people annually diabetes screening, early detection of diabetes, early intervention as soon as possible. This intervention can actually reverse diabetes.

Even uncontrollably, eventually diagnosed with diabetes, these interventions late in the treatment and management of patients with diabetes also makes sense. Be sensitive to the early identification of diabetes. "A little" is the typical symptoms of diabetes.

"Three" refers polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, "a little" means the weight loss. But many patients do not "a little" performance, but through the examination found that he was suffering from diabetes. Also, be alert to some of the everyday life of anomalies, such as wound healing, the body often boils and so long.

Especially those with diabetes, family history of people, if these abnormalities will go to hospital for diabetes screening.

Very few patients with early diabetes exhibit low blood sugar reactions, should be sufficient attention. Although there is no cure for diabetes, but effective way to control high blood sugar very much. Most patients with long-term strict control of blood sugar, can remain the same as with a normal quality of life.

In this sense, extend the time of onset of complications, diabetes treatment is also a "reversal." (The author is director of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital endocrinologist) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu ago) share to allow more people to see.

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