24-hour "housekeeping" service Changan heat upgrade customer service hotline

  Xi’an Net News (Reporter Hou Xiaoting) Recently, Changan Heat Customer Service System has been upgraded. If you need to consult or complain in the process of encounter problems in the process, please call Chang’an heat 24-hour customer service hotline –965166.

  It is understood that this upgrade has increased 965166’s answer efficiency, so as to bring more convenient, fast and effective service experience.

At the same time, Changan thermodynamics also launched the user evaluation system.

After the "housekeeper" home handling problems, the system will automatically generate a work order evaluation QR code. The user can call the scan code to scan the QR code presented by "managers", and evaluate the evaluation information of the pop-up corresponding work order evaluation page. Published the satisfaction of the work order and the evaluation of "housekeeper", the completion of the submission is successful. After seeing the background of the "Manager" evaluation, Changan heat will incorporate user satisfaction into the content of employee assessment and hook with "housekeeper" performance. It is reported that after this customer service system is upgraded, it will effectively improve the efficiency of telephone answering, and achieve maximum acceptance of user demands, which helps to smooth users to meet channels, realize "quick pick, fast turn, express, fast back, fast visits, fast ", Providing customers with more efficient, convenient services.

This year’s heating season (November 15, 2022) 965166 hotline service time: 7 * 24 hours, you can call at any time. edit:.

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