China @ 四 川 | invoicing is not packaged, big fish big meat and a chopsticks are not moving! The "ban" still has a dark public money to eat

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing September 22, I: Under the "ban", there is still a dark public fund to eat and drink Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua View" reporter Gao Jianjun, Cui Kexin’s big fish has almost a chopsticks, the whole plate is not packaged … "Xinhua View Point" reporter recently unannounced visits, It is an important part of the "four winds", but individual units, state-owned enterprises continue to use public funds to eat big drinks, and they are quenched, and some are hidden in high-grade cafeteria, private conference, farmhouse and other places. Public funds receiving six or seven people a table spend thousands of dollars, the whole plate is wasting does not pouching a table 8 dishes, turtle, beef grains, haloquin platter, the greens are almost a chopsticks, a six or seven hundred dollars only eat one third. The waiter shook his head and poured these leftovers directly into the bucket. In another private room, a plate of durian crisp with nearly 50 yuan did not move, and waste. Recently, the reporter came to a unannounced visit to a middle and high-grade restaurant in the western part for three consecutive days. After the package floor, the reporter found that some of the family gathering of the old man’s children, the consumption is more common food, and it is basically "CD"; and some business, official reception, the number of consumption amount, and Waste is serious. This judgment is a confirmation of the restaurant service personnel.

"Personally save money, it is generally saved, and it can generally have finished eating, and it will be packaged.

Those official, business reception usually develop tickets, point dishes are not only expensive, the amount is large, and it is basically not packaged. "A waiter in the restaurant told reporters. According to the consumer record and invoice room between the restaurant, the consumption of the individual state-owned enterprises, the amount of consumption is large, and the consumption amount of some people receives six or seven people nearly 3,000 yuan.

  In another high-end restaurant, the reporter saw a person who was called "Director" opened an invoice.

When the service personnel ask him if he packs it, the other party is not used. "This type of public reception, even if you can’t get it, you will never pack it.

"This waiter said.

  A cadre responsible for reception has been obviously caught by a big table. It is said that it is currently opposed to the table waste, but the size of the drain often represents the sincerity of the owner, and many of the few dishes always feel the guest reception. No week. "Again, it is a public fund, it is a job." He said. Some people hide into the food hall, private session, farmhouse, etc. In recent years, in recent years, under the continuous high pressure of "four winds", public funds have been greatly reduced, but individual organs, state-owned enterprises still "top wind crimes" Some continue to eat on the high-end hotel public in the high-end hotel, but more hide into the food hall, private meeting, farmhouse and other places.

  Cadres of a grassroots, reflecting the journalists. Since the beginning of this year, the meeting, inspection, investigation, etc. "If there is a leader to attend, the dish will go to the grade, and the laying is quite.

"This grassroots staff said," There are many drinks, in order to hide the eyes, the precious wine is installed in the mineral water bottle or directly in the stock pot.

"In late August, in a 4-day research activity in southwest, one unit arranged almost every day in the hotel and farmhouse. A participant said:" Local in order to express enthusiasm, there will be a lot Cuisine, basically can’t finish.

"On the official reception dinner at a meeting in the eastern part, a table seven or eight people have gone on the 134 dishes, and they can’t finish it. They are finally wasted. The reporter investigation also found that extremely individual organs, state-owned enterprises The cafeteria is luxurious, the reception banquet is very luxurious, and it is not a star hotel. Because the outsiders are difficult to enter, these canteens have become a "safe place" of some cadres. Sichuan Dazhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission Director of the Political Harmonization Office, Liao Xianyu, told reporters: "There are fewer children who have eaten and drink in the hotel, but the hidden places still exist. "A discipline inspection cadre said that the most public funds will be accompanied by food and waste," luxury, spread, and the tutoring is the characteristics of public funds. He said. 狠 奢 奢 歪 精 监 监 监 监 监 发 检 检 发 发 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检 检The monitoring organ saves food, resolutely suppresses the waste of dining as an important task, based on the performance of functional responsibilities, innovation supervision, 奢 奢 歪 歪 歪 歪 歪 规 规 规 规 规 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据 根据Over-range reception or take a big drink, eat too much, etc.

  Li Junwei, a professor of the Central Party School, said that there is a clear standard for official reception, we must curb the excellent public funds to eat and drink, we must strictly implement the invoice reimbursement system. The discipline inspection department shall put the official reception unit in the invoice of the catering enterprise as an inspection. And pay attention to the unit, the company’s card recharge in the catering place. It is understood that in order to escape supervision, some units and enterprises’ finance "to repair the Western Wall", take a variety of critics. In addition, some people invade the supervision by letting third-party private companies. According to the data released by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, this year, as of the end of July, the country has handled more than 5,000 people who have eaten the issuer of violations.

  Liao Xianji, etc., etc. Strengthen supervision and investigation, strict management and norms from the aspects of financial systems. Liao Xianji believes that it is necessary to prevent "four winds" rebound, the discipline inspection department must supervise and inspect, "especially in the holidays, etc. .

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