Do a good job in the Tokyo Olympics to prepare for the competition

  This newspaper Beijing June 18 (Reporter Wang Liang) Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, Sun Chunlan, to the State Sports General Administration Sports Management Center, inspected the Tokyo Olympic Games, and visited the national team athletes who fought in front line. The coaches and staff encourage everyone to go deep into the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Olympic preparation work, and go all out to prepare for the war, maintain high fighting, good competitive state, and strive to achieve excellent results at the Tokyo Olympics. , Give gifts to the 100th anniversary of the party. At present, my country has received 30 large items in the Tokyo Olympics, 221 small entry qualifications, and all national teams are fully prepared for war, and the athletes are in good competition.

Sun Chunlan watched the national fencing team, the bicycle team, the rifle shooting team, the trainer of the Archery, inquiry athletes, the coaches, and held a symposium, and listened to the preparation of the competition.

She hopes that the vast athletes will cherish the opportunity and honor, carry forward the Chinese sports spirit and the Olympic spirit, tenacious struggle, not afraid of the strong hand, play the national morale in the Olympic game, show the national morale, show the mission of Chinese sports athletes, fight with mart The style, the party’s concern of the Party Central, the State Council, and the expectation of the people of the country. Sun Chunlan emphasized that now is only more than 30 days from the Tokyo Olympics, and all preparations should be in-depth, co-organized and prepare for the preparation of the epidemic, and adhere to the health and safety of the athletes in the first place, scientifically formulate prevention and control measures, and strive to put the epidemic. The impact on the preparation of war is minimized. The team selection work should be held the bottom line of open fairness and fairness, select the best and strongest athlete, match the security team of strong injuries, dietary nutrition, equipment equipment, psychological adjustment and other guarantees, can create good war, good style national team. Training work should gradually change from the preparation to actual combat, through the simulation competition, etc., the competition, psychological adjustment to the best state, the advantageous project continues to maintain, and the potential project is newly improved. We must resolutely conduct supervision of stimulants "zero tolerance", strict food, drugs, nutrition products, and regularly carry out the daily functional monitoring of athletes, and the front movement is "anti-" "," anti- "work, and ensure the clean and net participation.

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