A group of major projects in Hangzhou Qiantang District established a Temporary Party Branch

  The branch is built on the project, the party flag is on the site.

Recently, the first batch of major projects in Qiantang District, Hangzhou was held, and five temporary party branches, such as a new energy vehicle (Phase I) project, formally unveiled.

  This year is the first year of the establishment of the Qiantang District. The majorities of major platforms in the whole region are fully promoted, facing the actual situation of the project construction time and the actual situation of the task, and the establishment of a group of major project temporary party branies is the party building leading. , Trick, doing the specific performance of the actual work.

  "These five temporary party branches are the first pilots we elected, because the participants involved in these projects are more wide, and they need to coordinate, so they first selected them, through the establishment of project Temporary Party Branch. Concentrateing your strength, sprint in the last 100 days left in the fourth quarter, ensuring successful completion of the goals raised at the beginning of the year.

"The relevant person in charge of Qiantang District said. The secretary of the provisional party branch is mainly responsible for the relevant person in charge of the platform. Branch members consist of other unit members, the person in charge of the relevant departments, and the members of the party branch will cooperate with the project construction and give full play to the grassroots level. The party organization battle fortress role and party pioneering model, and at the same time, the inspection of cadres, motivate cadres and talents as a grasp of party construction leaders, and with the parties to build a position of Unicom.

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