Baoting Traditional Village Changes Xinyan Deep Pills Industry Ensouch Country Revitalization

The villagers are full of joy of harvest. The people’s network is also actively promoted by the Hainan Software Vocational College of Hainan Software Vocational and Technical College to provide poverty alleviation and poor public welfare positions for the Hainan Software Vocational College. Employment in the door is stable.

Li Ze is now a cleaning staff in the village, responsible for the health cleaning work in village roads and public areas, with a monthly salary income of more than 700 yuan. During the 2020 epidemic, many villagers’ production and life were affected, and the opportunity of Hesagun Villages grabbed the villagers and homes and launched the township training program. In this training, the Hainan Social Vocational and Technical College has rely on its own characteristic advantages, and the teacher who seorts the kitchen and artistic and teaching experience came to the village, and the combination of theoretical and practice was carried out, and the teaching was deeply in-depth.

Through skills training, take the skill certificate, participate in the competition, employment and entrepreneurship help 4 steps, let the villagers have mastered a skill, enhance the dynamic power of rural rejuvenation.

At present, some deregular households participating in the township culture program are already preparing for the restaurant.

"We will continue through the industries, catch the people’s environmental remediation, excavate all the deletion of all-inports, to the rich people, guide the villagers to work hard, do a good job in the revitalization of rural villages, let the villagers in Hekou Village are more and better." Yuan Chunzhu Tell the People’s Network reporter, the next steps, they also plan to use the comprehensive advantages of Hekou Village, will build the social practice base of Hainan Village, let the youth students who come here through the window of Hesagun Village, observe the historic achievements of depletion. Experience significant changes in rural production life.

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